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Quotes for
George Kerby (Character)
from Topper (1937)

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Topper (1937)
George Kerby: My pet, resting's the sort of thing you've got to work up to gradually... very dangerous to rest all of a sudden.

Marion Kerby: Hey, George, is this 10:30 in the morning?
George Kerby: No, this is Topper's bank.

[Topper reading annual report of his bank]
Cosmo Topper: Bullion abroad and in transit, thirteen million, two hundred and two thousand, eight hundred and fifty-four dollars and no cents.
George Kerby: No sense.
Cosmo Topper: I just said that, Mr. Kerby.
George Kerby: So did I.

Kerby, George: Say, if I'm in the way, you folks could leave.

Cosmo Topper: My wife objects to drinking.
George Kerby: Then she shouldn't drink.
Cosmo Topper: She doesn't.
George Kerby: What's her objection?

Marion Kerby: Oh, George, I can see right through you.
George Kerby: Say, that's funny. I can see through you, too.
Marion Kerby: [seeing her body lying next to George's beside the car, which has just crashed] George, look. You know something George? I think we're dead.
George Kerby: I think you're right. Funny; I don't *feel* any different.

George Kerby: [goes to change Topper's flat tire] Well, I'll be darned if I waste any ectoplasm doing it.
[turns invisible]

Cosmo Topper: [drunk] Well, that's how I dance. How do you like it?
George Kerby: [smiles and nods politely] Yes, I thought that was pretty - bad.

[George and Marion watch a drunk Topper laying on the floor, passed out]
Marion Kerby: I don't think he's ever had a drink in his life.
George Kerby: Poor Topper.
Marion Kerby: Poor Topper.
Cosmo Topper: [mutters] Poor Topper.
George Kerby: You keep out of this.

Casey: What's wrong here?
George Kerby: You are. Take a walk.

George Kerby: Quiet, I'm practicing to be an angel.
Marion Kerby: Some angel you'd make.

George Kerby: Say, if I'm in the way, you folks could leave.