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Yukio Oikawa (Character)
from "Digimon: Digital Monsters" (1999)

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"Digimon: Digital Monsters: A Million Points of Light (#2.50)" (2001)
Yukio Oikawa: [dying] Hold on to your optimism you dreams and especially your friends Cody... Perhaps if I'd had been more like you, I could have had adventures too!
Cody Hida: You still can! You finally made it to the Digital World and found your partner digimon didn't you? Mr. Oikawa!
[Oikawa vanishes]
Daitirimon: Are you going so soon? But we just met!
Yukio Oikawa: Don't worry! I'll always be here inside the Digital World! I shall protect it! Goodbye Digidestined... and thank you!

"Digimon: Digital Monsters: BlackWarGreymon's Destiny (#2.47)" (2001)
Yukio Oikawa: [after meeting Cody] Hiroki's son? They're very similar in so many ways... But I can't let myself give in to weakness when I'm so close...
[he remembers himself and Hiroki working at a computer]
Yukio Oikawa: Oh Hiroki... I had a vision for the future that everyone said was impossible, but you always encouraged me to keep trying!
Hiroki Hida: Yeah!
[he gives Oikawa a thumbs up]
Yukio Oikawa: [seeing himself as a young boy] I never fit in as a kid, they all laughed at me and thought I was strange... You never did though.
[young Oikawa and Hiroki walk by the train tracks]
Yukio Oikawa: It was as if we were made from the same mould.
[he sees his younger self, alone]
Yukio Oikawa: He's gone, why should I care? Happiness is an illusion, life's ugly and cruel! I moved on... so why has he come back to haunt me? He's dead, I can't let his memory keep me from my destiny. You can't change my mind, I won 't let you!
[he runs home]
Yukio Oikawa: If there was only some way I could show the virtual beings I created, you'd understand what I'm about to accomplish. I made digital copies of my own DNA, the copies were computer generated into solid images of my own genetic essence.
[Arukenimon appears on his laptop]
Arukenimon: Well, you'll never win a beauty contest...
[Mummymon appears beside her]
Mummymon: But after all it's what's inside that counts. And that's not much!
Yukio Oikawa: What are you trying to tell me?
Arukenimon, Mummymon: You're horrid and empty, so get over it!
Yukio Oikawa: You're baiting me, stop it!
Arukenimon: What's the matter, afraid to face the truth?
Mummymon: We represent the essence of your ugliness.
Arukenimon, Mummymon: We're living your nightmare!

"Digimon: Digital Monsters: Genesis of Evil (#2.23)" (2000)
Ken Ichijouji: [narrating] One day, I was playing on Sam's old computer, and I found an email that was addressed to me! I didn't know who was writing to me, or how they'd know I would be on Sam's computer.
Yukio Oikawa: [voice] I'm sorry for the loss of your brother. It must have been hard to take.
Ken Ichijouji: [narrating] I was scared, and yet I was compelled to keep reading! It was like I had been waiting for this email my whole life!
Yukio Oikawa: [voice] Don't worry. Your brother is in a better place than this world. He is at rest. But, when his soul became free, yours became trapped. You bear the burden of both his destiny, and your own! Now that your parents have lost their hopes for their perfect child, you are expected to carry out the dream that Sam can no longer fulfil. This world will become unbearable for you! Pressure to succeed will be too great. But, let me tell you about another world that is much more appropriate.
Young Ken: What does he mean by another world?
Yukio Oikawa: [voice] A world where your soul can finally be free. Where you answer to no one but yourself! Open the drawer.
Young Ken: Huh? The drawer?
[he opens the drawer]
Yukio Oikawa: [voice] Use Sam's Digivice!
Young Ken: [raising the Digivice] I'm sorry Sam!
[he is sucked into the computer]

"Digimon: Digital Monsters: A Very Digi Christmas (#2.38)" (2001)
Yukio Oikawa: Ah, Ms. Takaishi. What a pleasant surprise, bumping into you here. I hope you remember me.
Nancy Takaishi: Mr Oikawa, is it?
Yukio Oikawa: Yes.
Nancy Takaishi: Right. You investigated the Highton View Terrace incident, eight years ago. It's nice to see you again.
Yukio Oikawa: Yes, it is. By the way, remember the Odaiba fog incident four years ago? Well, I'm afraid this current monster problem is related. In fact, it's only just the beginning.
Nancy Takaishi: Huh? What do you mean by that, only just the beginning?
Yukio Oikawa: You'll find out soon enough. Until then, you should be careful who you let your sons play with.
Nancy Takaishi: Huh? What do you know about TK, and Matt?
Yukio Oikawa: Actually, I know everything. Enjoy the holidays. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

"Digimon: Digital Monsters: Oikawa's Shame (#2.48)" (2001)
Yukio Oikawa: Look Hiroki, can you see it?
[he holds Hiroki's photograph to the sky]
Yukio Oikawa: It's the Digital World we were supposed to visit together, can you see it? Why did you have to do it Hiroki, why did you have to die and leave me alone? How could you do this to me?
[the Digidestined are seen ascending into the Digital World]
Yukio Oikawa: Huh? The Digidestined? Take me too, I want to leave this world!
Myotismon: [voice] Do you really want to go to the Digital World?
Yukio Oikawa: Huh? What's that? Who's there?
Myotismon: [voice] If you really want to go to the Digital World then soothe your heart with darkness and I'll take you there.
Yukio Oikawa: Yes, I'll do anything, anything you want, just take me there!
Myotismon: So be it.