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Quotes for
Rev. Mike Webber (Character)
from "Soul Man" (1997)

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"Home Improvement: Losing My Religion (#7.8)" (1997)
Tim Taylor: My son has been having a little trouble with your boss.
Rev. Mike Webber: The bishop?
Tim Taylor: No, THE boss.
Rev. Mike Webber: Springsteen?
Tim Taylor: HIS boss.
Rev. Mike Webber: [finally realizing] Oh...

Tim: I'm having a little trouble with my 15 year old son. He's having a little trouble with your boss.
Rev. Mike Webber: The bishop?
Tim: The Boss.
Rev. Mike Webber: Springsteen?
Tim: His boss.
Rev. Mike Webber: Ah, God. Gotcha.

Tim: I feel that if I don't try, then the kid may...
Rev. Mike Webber: Wind up on the wrong path?
Tim: It's like he's been crusing along 275 in a great line then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he get's off an exit and there he is on Telegraph.
Rev. Mike Webber: Potholes, permanent construction.

Tim: I used to race on Telegraph.
Rev. Mike Webber: Yeah, those were some sporting races. I remember one night some kid took this beautiful Chevelle Super Sport, a '67. Man, he just corkscrewed off a turn - the idiot wrecked it!
Tim: I was there. I was there.
Rev. Mike Webber: That was a cherry car. The guy built it; he must have built it, but he couldn't handle it.
Tim: No no, he could handle it. Look, it was a '68, and it was a Nova and the kid did all he c- Let's talk about Randy a minute, can we?