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Jean le Maistre (Character)
from "Joan of Arc" (1999)

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Joan of Arc (1948)
Jean Beaupere: What do your voices tell you?
Joan of Arc: They tell me to answer you boldly.
Jean le Maistre: Did they promise to deliver you?
Joan of Arc: Saint Catherine told me I would be rescued. I do not know whether this means I will be delivered by a French attack upon this city of Rouen, or something else. But I was told I would be freed by a great victory.

Jean le Maistre: One moment, Bishop Beauvais. If this girl has been tricked into breaking her vow, I will not share in the sentence against her.

Joan of Arc: I have heard my voices again - they told me I did a very wicked thing by denying them, but they have forgiven me. I have faith in them - I have none in you.
Jean le Maistre: This is a fatal answer.
Father Massieu: Joan, do you know what this means? It means the fire - your death.
Joan of Arc: To live without faith is more terrible than the fire, more terrible than dying young. I have nothing more to do here. Send me back to God, from whom I came.