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Quotes for
Bright Abbott (Character)
from "Everwood" (2002)

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"Everwood: Goodbye, Love (#4.20)" (2006)
Irv Harper: [bursting into the Army office to stop Bright from joining] That's my grandson!
Bright: [aside to recuiter] I look more like my grandma.

"Everwood: The L Word (#2.15)" (2004)
Dr. Andrew ''Andy'' Brown: [driving] Maybe we should sing some good road trip songs. Will, any favorites?
Will Cleveland: [annoyed] No...
Bright: I got one. Hit it.
Bright: Huh, cruising down to Boulder in a SUV, we got Will, Doc Brown, Ephram and me, the meanest MC in the hood...
Will Cleveland: [interrupting] Who are you again?
Bright: I'm from... I'm Bright.
Will Cleveland: Doubt that.