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Quotes for
Arthur Ramsey (Character)
from "Threshold" (2005)

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"Threshold: Vigilante (#1.12)" (2006)
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: Nude dancing, no cover.
Arthur Ramsey: What? You've been there?
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: Sure... on amateur nights. I go pick up a little cash on the side.
Arthur Ramsey: Really?
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: You know, for a genius, you're really not very smart.

Arthur Ramsey: [Answering the door after their sex has been interrupted] Must be one of Caffrey's goons.
Prostitute: Caffrey? Is that your wife?
Arthur Ramsey: Hah! She wishes!

Arthur Ramsey: Whoa, whoa! I had sex with an alien?

Arthur Ramsey: I don't know if I can go back to Earth girls.
Lucas Pegg: Wow.
Arthur Ramsey: Except the only bad part of it is I got this rash in the shape of a fractal pattern...
[starts to unzip pants]
Lucas Pegg: Oh, unbelievable. Just go away from me. Now.

[first lines]
Arthur Ramsey: Oh!
[heartily laughs]
Arthur Ramsey: Vous et belle, ma bien ami.
Emily Biggs: Mmm... French?
Arthur Ramsey: Normandy dialect.

"Threshold: Trees Made of Glass: Part 1 (#1.1)" (2005)
Arthur Ramsey: We should go out sometime. What? You don't date guys... smarter than you?
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: I don't know. Never met one.

Arthur Ramsey: Now, as to what's causing this pattern, remember the bomb they dropped over Hiroshima? The explosion was so hard core that it permanently burnt shadows of people into the walls and sidewalks. I think we have the electromagnetic equivalent here.
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: What about the shape itself?
Arthur Ramsey: I've got some ideas, but I'll have to do a Fourier analysis before I really nail it down.

Arthur Ramsey: Meticulous.
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: Details matter.
Arthur Ramsey: I think I saw that embroidered on a pillow once. You know, Caffrey, you didn't have to concoct this whole alien conspiracy theory to get the two of us alone together.
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: You're boring me, Ramsey. Do you get that, or do you need me to embroider it on a pillow for you?
Arthur Ramsey: [laughs wryly] I have to amuse myself somehow. You know, thanks to you, this might be my last job... ever. You ever consider that? I mean, did you think about that when you picked our names out of a hat? I mean, I was having a perfectly deviant lifes...

"Threshold: Outbreak (#1.11)" (2006)
Arthur Ramsey: I actually caught myself trying to pray last night, just in case.
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: Ramsey, you're an atheist.
Arthur Ramsey: I know. I mentioned that in my prayer.

Arthur Ramsey: Besides, I'm also a linguist. I'm fluent in over 200 dialects and their variations. When intelligent life wants to communicate with us, I'm the guy who translates the call.
Dr. Daphne Larson: Well, then you shouldn't have to work too hard. I mean, pretty much everyone they've taken over speaks English.

Farmers Market Vendor: So, what is it? You're taking a survey?
Arthur Ramsey: No, I'm determining the corresponding probability characteristics of a system of random variables. What about you?
Farmers Market Vendor: I sell cucumbers.

"Threshold: Blood of the Children (#1.3)" (2005)
Arthur Ramsey: Why do they call them "Black Boxes" if they're orange?
Lucas Pegg: Maybe 'cause they only look it is after it's charred black.

"Threshold: Alienville (#1.13)" (2006)
[first lines]
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: Here's where we're at: we still have about 200 anonymous, possibly infected people in the D.C. area who ate contaminated tomatoes.
Arthur Ramsey: I haven't even had my coffee yet.