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Sean Cavennaugh (Character)
from "Threshold" (2005)

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"Threshold: Trees Made of Glass: Part 1 (#1.1)" (2005)
Sean Cavennaugh: One of your plans have been activated. You're needed in Washington.
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: Which plan?
Sean Cavennaugh: "Threshold". You've just become the most important person on the planet.

Sean Cavennaugh: Well, here's your red team. Not exactly Charlie's Angles, are they?

Lucas Pegg, Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: Uh, Lucas, you're the engineer. Any idea what we're seeing here?
Lucas Pegg: No obvious means of propulsion, no aerodynamic surfaces. My God, look at the way it's folding in on itself. It's almost like we're dealing with some kind of higher-dimensional geometry, maybe a Kaluza-Klein manifold?
Sean Cavennaugh: English, please.
Lucas Pegg: It means I just soiled my boxers... just a little bit.
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: Come on, come on.
Lucas Pegg: I think we're looking at a four-dimensional object in three-dimensional space. You see how it keeps morphing?
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: Yeah.
Lucas Pegg: I think because we live in a three-dimensional world, you see, we're only capable of seeing part of it.

[last lines]
[a light flares on. Molly, wet and barefoot in her nightgown, is walking below decks of the ship. Ahead at the hatchway, her dog walks into view, looks at her, and drops its sock-monkey toy. Molly continues walking toward it, but it turns in a persistence-blurring motion away. She steps through the hatch and peers around the turn to see herself strapped to the very table to which Gunnerson was strapped earlier, but dressed identically as to how she is now. The Molly on the table suddenly looks directly at her and tries to speak, but it comes out strangely distorted. It's herself, but also not her. As Molly backs away, she shudders on the table. Out the hatch, she runs down the same decking, lights going out, each one as she passes them. She falls in the dark and lands suddenly in a colorless landscape with blades of glass around her, narrowly avoiding impaling her hand and face in them. She gets up and looks around at this bizarre landscape. A glass forest. A heavy sigh echoes and there's a brittle, crackling sound. There's something reflected or refracted in one of the glass trees, an indistinct yet also distinctly alien form. As it shifts it seems that it is turning, looking at - and suddenly she's awake in her bed, dressed the same but her nightgown clean, and the telephone ringing]
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: [activates the phone] Hello?
Sean Cavennaugh: [over the phone] It's Cavennaugh. Are you okay?
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: Yeah. Why?
Sean Cavennaugh: I just had this dream... I-I can't explain it, but I saw myself... but it wasn't me. I know this is gonna sound strange, but... it-it... felt like more than just a dream. And there-there was this place... It was like I was really there. It was... it was like a forest. It was a glass forest. Molly?
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: Yeah. Sorry, uh... I-I saw it, too. I was there.
Sean Cavennaugh: What's happening to us?
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: I don't know.
[after the call, Molly walks down the hall to the kitchen and gets a bottle of water out of the refridgerator. She hears the sound of claws clicking on the floor, turns to see her dog approach, sit, and look at her. She closes the refrigerator door and turns back. She gasps! Gunnerson is there! He steps toward her]

"Threshold: The Burning (#1.4)" (2005)
Sheriff Fogel: Committed to Bridgeview where he's apparently been living quietly, until tonight.
Sean Cavennaugh: You have a BOLO on him?
Sheriff Fogel: Went out this morning. His picture's plastered all over the state.
Dr. Nigel Fenway: Eh, he'll probably come back when he hears what's happened to Rock and Roll.

"Threshold: Outbreak (#1.11)" (2006)
Sean Cavennaugh: [after a gun fight] You all right?
Dr. Daphne Larson: I'd like to give my two weeks' notice.

"Threshold: Alienville (#1.13)" (2006)
[on their way to investigate a lead in a small Virginia town, Molly gives Sean a wedding ring to wear as part of their cover]
Sean Cavennaugh: [smiling] You pronounced us man and wife.
Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey: Just don't forget who wears the pants.