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DI John Rebus (Character)
from "Rebus" (2000)

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"Rebus: Fleshmarket Close (#2.2)" (2006)
[Rebus's father emigrated from Poland to Scotland during World War II. Rebus is discussing the modern-day immigrants that Jim Considine looks after in the immigration centre]
DI John Rebus: It must be a different type of immigrant you're getting these days, Mr Considine. Because when the Rebus clan got off the boat from Gdansk, they were just happy to be here. Some of them were so glad they went straight back out there and fought for the place - and some of them never came back.

DS Siobhan Clarke: So where's the summer?
DI John Rebus: When God made Edinburgh, he meant it to be cold, and damp, with the occasional day of watery sunshine.

DS Siobhan Clarke: The sword was stolen from Banehall House in Fife six years ago.
DI John Rebus: Fingerprints?
DS Siobhan Clarke: None on the handle, but there were some on the blade. They belong to Danny McLeese.
DI John Rebus: So, forgetting the legal owners for a moment, it could be said that latterly this sword has been the Sword of Dan McLeese.

"Rebus: The Falls (#2.1)" (2006)
[Examining the body of a man who has been tied to a chair in his living room and then stabbed]
DI John Rebus: Do we know with whom the good doctor shared his final repast?
DS Siobhan Clarke: [reading from notebook] Er, Sir James Hogarth.
DI John Rebus: One of the wealthiest men in Edinburgh. Private banker.
DS Siobhan Clarke: The super-rich usually are.
DI John Rebus: Usually are what?
DS Siobhan Clarke: Private bankers. That *is* rhyming slang, isn't it?
DI John Rebus: No, that's what he actually does - he's a private banker.

[Miranda is lying in bed, covered by a sheet but clearly naked beneath it. Rebus is sitting beside the bed, sketching her]
Miranda Masterson: Did I say I was going to America soon?
DI John Rebus: America? I do not recall you saying that, no. Not for ever, I hope.
Miranda Masterson: Six month exchange. I just thought you should know that, so that instead of sitting there colouring, we might use our time more... fruitfully.
[she grins seductively at him and he grins back]
DI John Rebus: Fruitfully? I like the sound of that.

"Rebus: Question of Blood (#3.2)" (2006)
[Teri Cotter, a sixteen-year-old girl, is having a relationship with "Peacock" Johnson, a much older man]
DI John Rebus: What does he want, then?
Teri Cotter: Company.
DI John Rebus: He's nearly sixty. You're just a girl.
Teri Cotter: I give him a wank!
[Rebus smirks]
Teri Cotter: [sheepishly] I don't... *like* it.

[Siobhan Clarke is being stalked by the brother of a man whom her evidence has convicted. He has broken into her house, killed her cat and left the body in the refrigerator. Rebus clears it away for her]
DI John Rebus: I'm sorry about Scooby.
[He turns to leave her flat]
DI John Rebus: [chuckling] He was a cool cat.
[Siobhan is horrified, then sees the funny side]
DS Siobhan Clarke: [chuckling] Not funny! Really not funny!

"Rebus: The First Stone (#4.2)" (2007)
[Gordon works as a chauffeur for the Moderator of the Church of Scotland]
DI John Rebus: You must have a great job.
Gordon: Yes. My insurance is for Third Party, Fire and Brimstone.

"Rebus: Let It Bleed (#3.4)" (2006)
[about Andrew Hamill, a supercilious investment banker]
DI John Rebus: He's got the kind of face you'd never tire of slapping.