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Quotes for
Kara (Character)
from "Star Trek" (1966)

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"Star Trek: Spock's Brain (#3.1)" (1968)
Kara: Brain and brain! What is BRAIN? It is Controller, is it not?
Dr. McCoy: Yes. Yes, in a way, it is. The human brain controls the individual's functions.
Captain James T. Kirk: [with dawning realization] Bones... Scotty... Spock's... brain... controls.

Captain James T. Kirk: From the very first, I appreciated your ability.
Kara: Good, Captain Kirk. Then you will also appreciate that without the Teacher, I would not have the knowledge to use that which you have thoughtfully provided.
[she suddenly produces a phaser and aims it at Kirk]
Scott: That phaser is set to kill.

Kara: You must not take the Controller away. We will all die! The Controller is young and, and powerful. Perfect!
Mr. Spock: [voice] How very flattering.

Captain James T. Kirk: You'll be without your Controller for the first time; but... you'll be much better off, I think.
Kara: We will die!
Captain James T. Kirk: No. You'll live, and develop, as you should have. All this shouldn't have been done for you. Now the women here below and the men here above will control together.
Kara: They will not help us without the pain.
Captain James T. Kirk: There are other ways. You'll discover them.