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Dr. Miranda Jones (Character)
from "Star Trek" (1966)

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"Star Trek: Is There in Truth No Beauty? (#3.5)" (1968)
[Kirk is accusing Miranda of trying to get Spock killed]
Captain James T. Kirk: Yes, you know your rival, don't you? You couldn't keep him from making a mind-link with Kollos - something that you couldn't do yourself! With my words, I'll make you hear such ugliness, as Spock saw when he looked at Kollos with his naked eyes. The ugliness is within you!
Dr. Miranda Jones: That's a LIE! LIAR!
Captain James T. Kirk: Your passion to see Kollos is madness. You can NEVER see! NEVER! But Spock saw Kollos. And for that he must die.
Dr. Miranda Jones: Sadistic, filthy liar!
Captain James T. Kirk: The smell of hatred, the stench of jealousy permeates you! Why don't you strangle him while he lies there?
Dr. Miranda Jones: Don't say any more, please!
Captain James T. Kirk: Kollos knows what's in your heart! You can lie to yourself, but you can't lie to Kollos.

Mr. Spock: Dr. Jones, may I congratulate you on your assignment with Ambassador Kollos.
Dr. Miranda Jones: Thank you. But the assignment's not yet definite. It will depend upon my ability to achieve a true mind-link with the Ambassador.
Mr. Spock: I'm sure you will find it a fascinating experience.
Dr. Miranda Jones: I wasn't aware that anyone had ever achieved a mind-link with the Medusans.
Mr. Spock: No one ever has. I was referring to mind-links I had attempted with members of other species.

Dr. Miranda Jones: I've heard, Mr. Spock, that you turned down the assignment with the Ambassador.
Mr. Spock: I was unable to accept. My life is here.

Dr. Miranda Jones: Ambassador Kollos often finds the process of transport somewhat unsettling.
Mr. Spock: I understand. Our ship's surgeon often makes the same complaint.

Dr. Miranda Jones: [to Kollos, regarding Spock] What is it he sees when he looks at you? I must know!

Dr. Miranda Jones: Now, Spock. It's to the death, or to life for both of us.

Spock: [as Kollos] O brave new world, that has such creatures in it.
Dr. Miranda Jones: 'Tis new to thee.

Dr. Miranda Jones: I spent four years on Vulcan studying their mental discipline.
Dr. McCoy: You poor girl.

Dr. McCoy: [toasting] How can one so beautiful condemn herself to look upon ugliness the rest of her life? Will we allow it, gentlemen?
Captain James T. Kirk: Certainly not.
Mr. Spock: Negative.
Scott, Larry Marvick: No-no.
Dr. Miranda Jones: [counter-toast to McCoy] How can one so full of joy and the love of life as you, Doctor, condemn yourself to look upon disease and suffering for the rest of YOUR life? Can we allow THAT, gentlemen?

Dr. Miranda Jones: Violent emotion is a kind of insanity.

Captain James T. Kirk: I have something for you.
Dr. Miranda Jones: [accepting his flower] I suppose it has thorns.
Captain James T. Kirk: I never met a rose that didn't.

Dr. Miranda Jones: On Vulcan, I learned to do things impossible to learn anywhere else.
Captain James T. Kirk: To read minds?
Dr. Miranda Jones: How not to read them, Captain.

Dr. Miranda Jones: Ugly. What is ugly? Who is to say whether Kollos is too ugly to bear, or too beautiful to bear?

Dr. Miranda Jones: Shall I tell you what human companionship means to me? A struggle; a defense against the emotions of others. At times, the emotions burst in on me - hatred, desire, envy, pity. Pity is the worst of all. Now, I agree with the Vulcans. Violent emotion is a kind of insanity.

Mr. Spock: I fail to understand why you apparently try to conceal your blindness, Doctor Jones.
Captain James T. Kirk: I think I understand. You said it. Pity is the worst of all.
Dr. Miranda Jones: Pity... Which I hate. Do you think you can gather more information with your eyes than I can with my sensors? I could play tennis with you, Captain Kirk. I might even beat you. I am standing exactly one meter, four centimeters from the door. Can you judge distance that accurately? I can even tell you how fast your heart is beating.
Captain James T. Kirk: No, that won't be necessary.

Dr. Miranda Jones: I see you're a very complicated man.

Dr. Miranda Jones: I know now the great joy you felt when you joined minds with Kollos.
Mr. Spock: I rejoice in your knowledge and in your achievement.
Dr. Miranda Jones: [regarding the Vulcan IDIC] I understand, Mr. Spock. The glory of creation is in its infinite diversity.
Mr. Spock: And the ways our differences combine, to create meaning and beauty.