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Cole Williams (Character)
from 21 (2008)

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21 (2008)
[Cole Williams tells Ben the history him and Micky have in Las Vegas]
Cole Williams: Tell me, uh... how's uh... Good old professor Rosa doing, huh? Oh, yeah. Me and Micky, we go way back. I spent years, chased him all over this town. I gave him beat downs left and right, only to find him at the tables a week later. He was very persistent. And then, one September night, when I was in Barstow at my father's funeral, my casino was taken for seven figures. Can you imagine that? The most ever taken by a single counter in one night. 'Course I was, naturally, unceremoniously fired. Funny thing, though. I never saw Micky Rosa after that. Never.

[Cole Williams confronts Micky for the first time again]
Ben Campbell: [narrating, when we see Micky tied up in the basement of the casino] I had a 1590 on my SAT. I got a 44 on my MCATs. And I have a 4.0 GPA from MIT. I thought I had my life mapped out. But then I remembered what my Nonlinear Equations professor once told me, always account for variable change.
Cole Williams: [Cole Williams walks out of the shadows] Hello, Micky.
Micky Rosa: Look, I got money in Boston. A hundred grand. I'll give it to you. If you just let me walk away. I'll walk away.
Cole Williams: I don't want your money, Micky. I don't need it. But I know someone who might be interested. He's good with numbers, too. He works for the IRS.

[Cole Williams punches a card gambler in the dark basement of the casino]
Cole Williams: You think you can beat the system.
Cole Williams: [Cole holds up his fist] This is the system, beating you back!
Cole Williams: [Cole punches the Gambler's chest] You wanna count cards, you do it in Atlantic City. Get him up.
Terry: [Terry lifts up the kid] Come on, kid.
Cole Williams: Count to five. Count to five!
Gambler: [the gambler stammers] What... What?
Cole Williams: Count to five so I know you don't have brain damage, you can go home.
Terry: [Terry growls into the gambler's ear] Start with one.
Gambler: One, two, three, four, five.
Cole Williams: Good. Now, stop counting!

[Micky realizes he's set up by Ben when he finds the chocolate cent in the bag]
Cole Williams: [in a flashback] I never saw Micky Rosa after that.
Cole Williams: [Cole stops his punch in front of Ben's face] But I think I wanna see him now. And I want you to make that happen.
Ben Campbell: I don't work for Micky anymore.
Cole Williams: [Cole laughs] Come on, kid. Your picture's all over the database, your Vegas gig is done. But I will give you one night. And I can guarantee you won't be bothered. You'll make a killing, and you'll keep it all. Hmm? Listen. My name's Cole. Cole Williams. You just bring me Micky Rosa, kid. I'll take care of the rest.
Micky Rosa: [in the present] Son... Of... A... Bitch.

[Cole Williams checks Ben's pocket and finds his real ID]
Cole Williams: Oh! You understand all this. You go to MIT.
Terry: Smart boy.
Cole Williams: [Cole laughs] My name is Cole Williams. And if I ever see you in this town again, I will break your cheek bone with a small hammer, and then I will kill you.

[Cole Williams and Stemple watch Ben on the cameras]
Stemple: Okay. So is he counting or is he just getting lucky?
Cole Williams: He's not running a progressive system. He doubled on 10 when the deck was heavy, but he didn't on 11 when it got lighter.
Stemple: How can you tell if it's heavy or light?
Cole Williams: I'm counting.
Stemple: [Stemple makes a frown] You... Tell me something, Cole, if you can count that well, why are you still consulting for us?
Cole Williams: I've been asking myself the same thing. Let's just say I like being on your side of the hustle.

[Cole and Stemple watch the cameras to see Ben and Kianna at the card table]
Cole Williams: Terry, rewind the tape, I want to see if she signals him to come to the table.
Stemple: We don't use 'tape' anymore, old school. It's digital now.
Cole Williams: Never mind. Terry, rewind it.
Cole Williams: [the video rewinds] Okay, okay. She's playing the table minimum. Now, in a second, she's gonna do something. She's gonna raise her hand, scratch her head... there it is! That's the signal. See? She gave him the signal. He comes to the table. I'm telling you, they're working together.
Stemple: Nice.
Cole Williams: Show me a computer that can do that.

[Cole and Terry confront Ben escorting him off the casino floor]
Terry: Let's take a walk, huh?
Cole Williams: [Cole with a smile on his face] Come on, kid. See if we can't get you that chicken dinner.

[Cole Williams explains to Ben what Biometrics is while punching him in the basement of the casino]
Cole Williams: Biometrics. It's sort of like a fingerprint of your face.
Cole Williams: [Cole punches Ben across the face] See, when the player sits down at the table, the software, it read this, uh...
Terry: Biometric profile.
Cole Williams: Biometric profile of your face, cross-references it with a database of counters. Software will probably put you and me out of business, but it still can't do this.
[Cole punches Ben in his ribs]

[Cole Williams stops Ben from taking his last winnings]
Ben Campbell: I need this money. You have no idea what I went through to get this...
Cole Williams: I know, kid, but you're gonna figure out how to get everything you want in this life, 'cause you're smart. So, you're gonna leave the bag.
Jill Taylor: [Cole reveals the gun at his side] Ben, give him the bag. Give him the bag, it doesn't matter. Give him the bag.
Cole Williams: [Ben throws the bag to Cole, as Cole smiles] I knew you were smart.