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Quotes for
Choi (Character)
from 21 (2008)

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21 (2008)
[Micky deals a deck of cards out to the team of kid card players]
Micky Rosa: What's the count?
Jill Taylor: Plus 9.
Micky Rosa: No.
Fisher: Plus 11.
Micky Rosa: No.
Kianna: Dude, I lost count 20 cards ago.
Micky Rosa: Don't call me dude.
Choi: [Micky points to Choi] Uh, plus 9?
Micky Rosa: You're just following Jill. People, please. We had a total of 76 cards that came out of the deck. Twenty-three were high cards with the value of minus one. Seventeen were neutral with no value at all, and the rest were low cards with the value of plus one. How could you lose the count?
Ben Campbell: [Ben speaks from the doorway] Plus 13. The count. It's plus 13.
Micky Rosa: [Micky smiles at Ben] Yes.

[Micky see's Choi stealing from the casino room after arriving in Las Vegas]
Micky Rosa: Hey! You steal 'The Bible', you go to Hell. That's the way it works.
Choi: Like I'm not going already.

[Ben arrives to the Las Vegas casino for the first time, as Ben trips on a set of stairs when looking at two attractive women walk towards him]
Choi: Hey, Ben. Basic strategy says you should hit that.

[Ben talks to himself in the mirror when he quotes his favorite winning line]
Ben Campbell: Oh, there it is! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
Choi: [Ben takes off his glasses and stops his little dance as Choi laughs behind him with his phone up] No, please, keep going. This video's priceless.

[Micky reminds the team that playing cards is a moneymaking business]
Micky Rosa: All right, guys, let's get something clear. This is not summer camp and I'm not your counselor. This is real, world-class moneymaking business. Kianna, slots are for losers. Fisher, peelers are stealers. Choi?
Choi: Hmm?
Micky Rosa: You made five grand last night, so would you stop stealing nine-cent pens and everything you can get yours hands on from the maid's cart. It's embarrassing.

[Micky and the team of student card players teach Ben the positions of each team member]
Choi: So, our team is divided into two kinds of players, spotters and big players, right? So if you think that this table is the casino floor, then, um...
Choi: [Choi uses the salt and pepper shakers on their dinner table] Then salt and pepper shakers are your spotters. All right, spotters are just sitting at the various Blackjack tables and they're betting the table minimum. They never fluctuate their bet.
Micky Rosa: That's right. Spotters never raise the bet or play any kind of progressive system. That's how we stay under the radar and that's why we never get caught.
Choi: Exactly. Okay, they're just sitting at the table, betting the table min, and they're keeping the count waiting for one of these decks to get hot.
Kianna: Right. And then when one of the decks gets hot the spotter at the table signals in the big player. This... mustard. Give me the mustard, honey. Please.
Fisher: [Fisher positions the mustard on the table] Well, I'm always the mustard, so... When I get the signal for the hot deck, I stumble over like some drunk rich kid, or some zoned out dot-com millionaire, and I throw down big money.

[Ben plays cards in a casino room when he's suddenly dragged to another room with a bag over his head]
Micky Rosa: [Micky disguises his voice, talking to Ben through the bag] What's the count?
Ben Campbell: Please, don't hurt me.
Micky Rosa: [Micky again] I said, what's the count?
Ben Campbell: I haven't done anything.
Micky Rosa: [Micky yelling] What's the count!
Ben Campbell: [Ben hesitates before saying] Plus 18.
Ben Campbell: [the bag is taken off Ben's head when he see's the team standing around him] Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.
Micky Rosa: Congratulations, Ben. Sorry, we had to make sure you'd keep the count under pressure. Welcome to the team.
Kianna: Aww. We didn't mean it.
Choi: It's okay, Campbell, I cried inside that bag.

[Ben carries $250,000 taped to his legs before going through the scanners]
Choi: [Choi whispers to Ben] Act casual, think casual, be casual.