Lee Pearson
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Lee Pearson (Character)
from The Children of Huang Shi (2008)

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The Children of Huang Shi (2008)
Lee Pearson: [while demonstrating to the boys how to apply flea powder] Take off your clothes.
George Hogg: [taken aback] What?

George Hogg: Why doesn't the school just send these boys back to their families?
Lee Pearson: this isn't a school
George Hogg: it looks like one
Lee Pearson: it's a orphanage

George Hogg: [lying in his death bed] I've been so lucky...
Lee Pearson: Shh, you just need rest, the medicine is on the way.

George Hogg: [Muttering in his sleep] Shoot him! Sh-shoot him!
[wakes up]
Lee Pearson: We're awake I see
[Jack comes in]
Lee Pearson: You might want to thank him for saving your life.
George Hogg: [Thinking she meant him] Th-thank you.
Chen Hansheng: She meant me.