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Battle Droid (Character)
from Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)

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"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Cargo of Doom (#2.2)" (2009)
Battle Droid: Eh, sir, that Republic ship has destroyed our escort and is blocking our escape.
Cad Bane: Whoevers commanding that cruiser is a bold one.

Battle Droid: [torturing Jedi Master Bolla Ropal] I'm not sure how much more of this he can take.
Cad Bane: Are you a medical droid?
Battle Droid: Eh... no sir.
Cad Bane: Then step back and shut up.
Battle Droid: Roger roger.
Cad Bane: More power.

Battle Droid: We've lost all his vital signs.
Cad Bane: Check.
[a Magna droid uses his electrostaff on Bolla Ropal]
Battle Droid: He is no longer functioning
Cad Bane: Drop him.
[a B1 Battle Droid releases Ropal from the force field, who falls to the ground]
Battle Droid: [gets down on one knee to scan Ropal's vital signs] He's dead.
Cad Bane: Looks like we'll have to find another Jedi to open this Holocron.

Battle Droid #1: Don't shoot, I'm not the commander. He, he's the commander.
[a clone trooper shoots the commanding droid]
Battle Droid #1: Guess I'm the commander now.

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Innocents of Ryloth (#1.20)" (2009)
TX-20: So. It's General Kenobi who is leading this assault. He is known for his deceptive maneuvers.
Battle Droid: Roger Roger. Download his file.

Battle droid: [scrubbing the floor of the Gutkurr pens] Yep. This is the about worst job in the droid army.

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Citadel Rescue (#3.20)" (2011)
Battle Droid: All for one and one for aaaah!
[is trampled by a crab droid]

"Star Wars: Clone Wars: Chapter 22 (#3.2)" (2005)
General Oro Dassyne: I wonder how many they'll send. We've got so much firepower in here, these walls are ray-shielded. Heh, they can't take this fort. It'll probably be, uh, fifty Jedi! They'll need at least that many. Or maybe a hundred Jedi! They'll never take this base with less! Heh, they'll need an army of Jedi! Ha-ha-ha...
Battle Droid: I have a visual.
General Oro Dassyne: Jedi?
Battle Droid: I think so.
General Oro Dassyne: How many? A thousand?
Battle Droid: No.
General Oro Dassyne: Eighty?
Battle Droid: No, sir.
General Oro Dassyne: What, fifty?
Battle Droid: Less.
General Oro Dassyne: Forty? Come on, how many?
Battle Droid: Two.
General Oro Dassyne: What? Give me those!
[He grabs the macrobinoculars from the battle droid, looks, and sees Obi-Wan and Anakin approaching]

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Deserter (#2.10)" (2010)
Battle Droid: Sir, we need to get our power recharged.
General Grievous: [riding on top of a Reek] Not this again! How could your power cells be so depleted?
Battle Droid: You would not let us ride on one of those creatures with you, sir. If you would allow us to close down for a few moments - Oh my G-
[Grievous cuts down droid]
General Grievous: Any more complaints?

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Shadow of Malevolence (#1.3)" (2008)
Battle Droid: Sir, the enemy fighters are closing.
General Grievous: Let them come! Prepare the ion cannon! First we will destroy the medical station. Then we will finish off Skywalker.
Battle Droid: I have a bad feeling about this.

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Legacy of Terror (#2.7)" (2009)
Battle Droid: [during sandstorm] O.M.5, are you still there?
Battle Droid O.M.5: Yes. I think I'm right next to you.
Battle Droid: Where is Lord Poggle taking us. O.M.5?
[more urgent]
Battle Droid: O.M.5?
[Poggle barks an order]
Battle Droid: Yes sir, right away sir.
Battle Droid O.M.5: [cut to O.M.5 stuck in the sand] Don't... leave... me...

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Ambush (#1.1)" (2008)
Battle Droid Driver: [escaping from Trade Federation tank] Run for it!
[being pulled into tank]
Battle Droid Driver: But I just got promoted...

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Destroy Malevolence (#1.4)" (2008)
Battle droid: Sir, we're scanning a small ship off our bow.
General Grievous: Good. Our hostage has arrived.

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Defenders of Peace (#1.14)" (2009)
Lok Durd: Ready?
Aqualish Technician: [repeating the order in Huttese] Rundee?
Battle Droid: Roger Roger.
Lok Durd: Aim.
Aqualish Technician: Togwa!
Lok Durd: Fire!
Aqualish Technician: Keepuna!