Miss Yuen
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Miss Yuen (Character)
from CJ7 (2008)

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CJ7 (2008)
[first lines]
Dicky: Good morning, sir.
Mr. Cao: Dicky Chow! Just look at yourself. You're covered in dirt.
Dicky: [stepping forward] I just...
Mr. Cao: [stepping back] Don't move. And don't give me the usual routine. Why are you always so untidy?
Miss Yuen: What's the matter, Mr. Cao?
Mr. Cao: [to Dicky] Explain yourself!
Miss Yuen: Let me talk to him. Where did the dirt come from, Dicky?
Dicky: Well, on my way to school, I slipped and fell over.
Miss Yuen: Don't your mom or dad bring you to school?
Dicky: My mom died a long time ago, and my dad's very busy.
Miss Yuen: What does you dad do?
Dicky: He's a coolie.
Miss Yuen: I'd like to meet him one day. Would that be possible?
Dicky: I don't think he has the time.
Miss Yuen: When he's available, then. Will you let me know? Go clean up before class starts.
Dicky: Thanks Miss Yuen.
[runs off]