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Lugnut (Character)
from "Transformers: Animated" (2007)

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"Transformers: Animated: Lost and Found (#1.11)" (2008)
[Blitzwing and Lugnut attack some humans]
Blitzwing: These can't be those miserable Autobots, they're far too small...
[sees a crane]
Blitzwing: [switches to Random] But look at that one! It's big, it's bold, it's sassy!
Lugnut: [to the crane] You! What have you done with our beloved leader Megatron? Talk!

Blitzwing: [Icy] The Autobots have called in reinforcements. Perhaps we should lay low until we can determine their strength and numbers.
Lugnut: I will not hide. I will stand proudly and shout Megatron's name to the heavens!
Megatron: Oh, for spark's sake...

Lugnut: I believe only two things: the Decepticons will rule Cybertron, and Megatron will rule the Decepticons!

Lugnut: I can hear him. I can hear Megatron.
Blitzwing: [Hothead] Perhaps I should clean out your audio modules with my fists!

[first lines]
[Lugnut stomps on a lunar rover by mistake]
Blitzwing: [Hothead] Careful, you copper-clad klutz! You stepped in something!
Blitzwing: [switches to Random] But with a few dancing lessons, you'll be light on your stabilizing servos like me! Cha-cha-cha!
Lugnut: Silence, Blitzwing! I did not follow this beacon halfway across the galaxy for dancing lessons! This was Megatron's ship!
Blitzwing: [Random] Ahaha, Starscream never did have a knack for parking.

[Lugnut carries off Blitzwing in search of Megatron]
Blitzwing: [Hothead] Let go of me, you deranged Decepticon!
Lugnut: No! The master calls!
Blitzwing: [Random] And they say I'm ze crazy one!

"Transformers: Animated: Garbage in, Garbage out (#2.4)" (2008)
Lugnut: Ahh, I'm picking up a new AllSpark energy signal, my liege...
Megatron: No doubt another fragment has surfaced. Retrieve it, Lugnut, before the Autobots get their filthy servos on it.
Lugnut: Stasis lock itself could not deter me from your grand and glorious plan, oh wise and noble Megatron!
Megatron: [eye twitching] Just... go.

Lugnut: [confronting a garbage truck] Human! The AllSpark fragment, NOW!
Wreck-Gar: [transforms] No humans here. I am Wreck-Gar! I am only good for one thing: GARBAGE!
Lugnut: Are you an Autobot?
Wreck-Gar: I am Wreck-Gar! I am not an Autobot, and never will be an Autobot!
Lugnut: Ah! Then you must be a Decepticon!
Wreck-Gar: I am Wreck-Gar! I... must be a Decepticon!
[Wreck-Gar places a Decepticon badge on his chest]
Wreck-Gar: All hail Megatron! Uh... what's a Megatron?

Lugnut: Those accursed Autobots will pay for their insolence!
Wreck-Gar: Right!
[pulls out a cash register]
Wreck-Gar: Cash, check or charbroil?
Lugnut: ATTACK!
Wreck-Gar: Right! What kind of tack would you like? Thumb tack? Carpet tack? Income tack?
Lugnut: Rhaaah, never mind...

"Transformers: Animated: Megatron Rising: Part 2 (#1.16)" (2008)
Megatron: Ah, Starscream. How fitting to have you by my side as I finally take my revenge on the one responsible for my fifty stellar cycles of helplessness and humiliation.
[Megatron aims his cannon at Optimus, then kills Starscream with the key]
Megatron: Does anyone else have a problem with my leadership?
Blitzwing: [Random] Uh, no, we're fine.
Lugnut: NEVER!

"Transformers: Cybertron: Homecoming (#1.48)" (2006)
Lugnutz: Get hip to this, daddy-o. This universe doesn't belong to you. Stay cool, man. My friends and I may have done some things you consider bad, but we're here to help this time. See, we don't like anyone, Decepticons or Autobots, trying to take away our freedom. We cool? Can you dig it?
Evac: I know, I can barely understand him myself, but he's agreed to help.
Lugnutz: And it's a gas!

"Transformers: Cybertron: Critical (#1.27)" (2006)
Lugnutz: Aw, man, this place is totally dullsville...

"Transformers: Cybertron: Assault (#1.28)" (2006)
Lugnutz: Awww man, these guys are gonna harsh my mellow. I was just getting my groove on too. I mean I know my thing, Starscream's doing his thing, so it's like what's the problem, man? Well, nobody's gonna rain on my parade, 'cause this cat's got claws, see?