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Captain Jonathan Baron (Character)
from "Over There" (2005)

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"Over There: Orphans (#1.11)" (2005)
Sgt. "Scream" Silas: I'm not reenlisting, sir
Captain Baron: This have anything to do with the disaster Lieutenant Hunter provokes?
Sgt. "Scream" Silas: No, Sir.
Captain Baron: Your 13 years in Sergeant. Seven more and you can retire with full benefits.
Sgt. "Scream" Silas: I'm ready for something new, Sir.
Captain Baron: You're on of the best staff N.C.O.'s I've got, and I want you to stay. Do you have something waiting on the outside better than this?
Sgt. "Scream" Silas: Carpets, Sir. A friend of mine from high school opened a chain of carpet stores in Topeka. His business is doing well, he wants me to run it. You know, he's offerin me a, a real opportunity, Sir.
Captain Baron: You're not from Topeka.
Sgt. "Scream" Silas: No, Sir. How did you know that, Sir?
Captain Baron: I read your file. You're from Bellmore.
Sgt. "Scream" Silas: Yes, Sir.
Captain Baron: I'm from Long Island too.