Sir Hudson Lowe
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Sir Hudson Lowe (Character)
from Napoleon (1955)

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Eagle in a Cage (1972)
[first lines]
Count Bertrand: Allow me to introduce myself.
Sir Hudson Lowe: That's quite unnecessary. I know who you are.

Sir Hudson Lowe: You are free to move anywhere on the island, provided you are accompanied by an English officer.
Napoleon Bonaparte: I am not your prisoner.
Sir Hudson Lowe: You held a great deal of power for a very long time. I expect it's not easy to accept someone else in command. Nevertheless, that is the fact of the matter.

Napoleon Bonaparte: I'd like a bible.
Sir Hudson Lowe: It never occurred to me that you were religious.
Napoleon Bonaparte: I only read the love poetry. And the battle scenes. You can learn a lot from those Old Testament boys.

Sir Hudson Lowe: Could I say although this is the first time I've had the honor of meeting you in person, I've long regarded you with the utmost admiration; well aware that you make a point of keeping out of the public eye, and that many of your countrymen are unaware of the historic services that you have rendered to...
Lord Sissal: [interrupting] Do you always talk so much, or is it a disease one catches out here?