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Pothinus (Character)
from Cleopatra (1963)

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"Rome: Caesarion (#1.8)" (2005)
[regarding the dispute between Ptolemy and Cleopatra]
Gaius Julius Caesar: This dispute between you both must end. Rome desires Egypt to be at peace. Your grain ships must keep sailing.
Achillas: We are in absolute control of the country, from the lighthouse to the cataracts.
Gaius Julius Caesar: Good. In that case, you should have no trouble in handing over Pompey Magnus.
King Ptolemy XIII: I do NOT like his tone. He can go.
Theodotus: [to Ptolemy, attempting to defuse the situation] Master, do you remember what we spoke of before? Of crocodile and fox? Let us show him our surprise.
King Ptolemy XIII: [gleefully] Right, go on. Show him.
[Pothinus motions to a nearby slave, who brings out a covered urn]
Pothinus: We have a gift for you, Glorious Excellency, that we think you will be very pleased with.
[the slave places the urn on the table next to Casear and pulls out Pompey's severed head, placing it in a dish on the table. Casear looks at it with barely concealed sorrow]
King Ptolemy XIII: We were going to make him a body, with moving arms and legs, and do a mime show with real animals and everything...
Gaius Julius Caesar: Silence!
[Ptolemy takes a step back in shock; Caesar looks at the head sadly, then composes himself]
Gaius Julius Caesar: Shame on the house of Ptolemies for such barbarity, shame.
Pothinus: But - you are enemies!
Gaius Julius Caesar: [rising to his feet in fury] HE WAS A CONSUL OF ROME!
[Achillas and the guards reach for their swords; there is a tense pause]
Gaius Julius Caesar: [quietly] A consul of Rome. To die in this sordid way, quartered like some low thief... shame! Where is the rest of him?
Pothinus: It - uh, he has been cremated. With all proper funeral rites, of course. With all decorum.
Gaius Julius Caesar: I shall return tomorrow, at which time, you will give me the man that took Pompey's life.
[he sweeps out of the room; Posca covers the head, picks it up, and follows him out]

Pothinus: That is not just.
Posca: Post mortem interests of this type are legally entailed to the presiding consul, i.e. Gaius Julius Caesar. It's... law.
Pothinus: Roman law.
Gaius Julius Caesar: Is there some other form of law, you wretched woman?

Cleopatra (1963)
Julius Caesar: You all look so impressive. Any one of you could be king.
Pothinus: His Majesty King Ptolemy, kindred of Horus and Ra, beloved of Thoth...
Julius Caesar: Et cetera, et cetera; you welcome me. And I, Gaius Julius Caesar, Consul of the Roman Senate, Pontifex Maximus, et cetera, et cetera, thank you.