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Cash Conover (Character)
from "Barbary Coast" (1975)

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"Barbary Coast: The Day Cable Was Hanged (#1.11)" (1975)
Moose Moran: There's a gal out there - she's lookin' for ya.
Cash Conover: Blonde or brunette?
Moose Moran: Hot-pepper red. She's right over by the door.
Cash Conover: Uh-oh... Tequila Lil. I spent five years with her one day. She's been mad at me ever since.

[Cash starts to flee from Tequila Lil as the hot-tempered red-head charges towards him]
Jeff Cable: Only rabbits run.
Cash Conover: Pass the carrots.

Carter: I shouldn't have let him put himself in danger for me.
Cash Conover: Don't be too hard on yourself. Cable thrives on trouble. If he were in the Garden of Eden, he would open up an apple stand.

"Barbary Coast: An Iron-Clad Plan (#1.8)" (1975)
Cash Conover: With tonight's receipts, I'm over the top. Cash has enough cash in the bank to build his own baths.
Jeff Cable: Baths?
Cash Conover: Mm-hmm - private tubs. Hot water, scented soap - Cash Conover's Golden Gate Casino... and Baths.
Jeff Cable: Listen, Cash, when I asked you to help me clean up the Barbary Coast, I didn't expect you to go quite that far.

Jeff Cable: Are you anti-military?
Cash Conover: No, I'm anti-poverty, Jeff, and you're asking me to put up all of my money!

"Barbary Coast: Sharks Eat Sharks (#1.10)" (1975)
[Jeff, pretending to be a sea captain, helps Cash and Moose toss out a trio of would-be extortionists]
Jeff Cable: What is this - mutiny on the quarterdeck?
Cash Conover: Nope - just pumping out the bilge!