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Biography for
Peter (Character)
from The Cottage (2008)

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Peter is the snivelly, wimpish, mild mannered brother of David. He gets caught up in David's scheme to make some quick money. He doesn't get on with David and is intending to use his share of the ransom money to buy his brother's share of their deceased mother's house. He has a wife, Rebecca (who he has to ring to "check in" with!) and a baby daughter, Amy.

Peter gets tricked by Tracey and she escapes, taking him with her at knifepoint - this act will lead to him losing a few vitals... but it's not Tracey doing the subtracting..

The farmhouse they stumble upon is home to the Farmer - a grotesquely deformed and murderous individual. He cuts Peter's toes off with a spade and Peter falls to the ground screaming in agony. The Farmer looms over him, on the verge of finishing him off, whilst Tracey stands behind him egging him on and taunting him. The Farmer loses patience and swings the spade around slamming it into Tracey's face - he then forces it backwards, taking her head off. Understandably this causes Peter to scream hysterically and the Farmer knocks him out, dragging him away..

The next time we see him, Peter is suspended from a hook and awakens screaming in pain. David, who by this time had arrived in search of Peter, has been injured himself by the Farmer and calls to Peter. Peter manages to free himself from the hook and begins a very slow, comical yet heroic slither to his brother. They resolve their feud and decide they must work together to survive. They manage to make into the kitchen, in search of a telephone - David then sees the Farmer approaching the farmhouse. He discovers them and attacks them both. David is killed by him and this unleashes Peter's rage and he forces a rope around the Farmer's throat and strangles him. Peter then falls backwards into the cellar, with the trapdoor closing on him, however the rope remains on the outside and Peter uses all his strength and pulls at it. The Farmer topples onto the trapdoor, pulling a dresser down on top of him.

Peter, now exhausted tries to open the trapdoor but the weight of the Farmer and the dresser is too much. He goes down deeper into the cellar and uses his lighter to see the way. As he goes further in, his lighter cuts out. He reignites it - and as he does we see the Farmer's deranged wife and children lurking in the shadows, looking hungry...

Peter's last words are "Oh you must be joking!".

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