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King Sandy (Character)
from "Codename: Kids Next Door" (2002)

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"Codename: Kids Next Door: Operation P.I.N.K.-E.Y.E./Operation K.A.S.T.L.E. (#3.7)" (2004)
King Sandy, Knight #2: [King Sandy] THE KING DOES NOT PRETEND!

Mushi Sanban: What do you mean, you're not pretending? She can't get married for real. She's like ten years old!
King Sandy, Knight #2: Argh! That's it! That's it! That's it! KNIGHTS! Throw this wedding crasher into the dungeons *forever*!

"Codename: Kids Next Door: Operation B.E.A.C.H./Operation U.N.D.E.R.C.O.V.E.R. (#2.11)" (2004)
Wallabee Beatles Numbuh 4: Kuki, your not gonna marry that dork are you?
Kuki Sanban: Of course not! We're just pretending.
King Sandy: Pretending? The king does not pretend. The king *never* pretends.
Kuki Sanban: What are you, nuts? I can't get married for real. I'm like 10 years old!