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Theo 'Stitch' Lambert (Character)
from "Casualty" (1986)

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"Casualty: Entropy (#21.42)" (2007)
[Guppy is about to go on a date with a medical student that Stitch has introduced him to. Stitch surreptitiously hands Guppy a packet of condoms]
'Stitch' Lambert: No glove, no love!

[Nadia wants to spend another night of passion with Stitch]
'Stitch' Lambert: Once is a challenge, twice is fun but three times is routine - and routine bores me.

"Casualty: To Love You So (#21.48)" (2007)
[Selena has just tearfully admitted to Maggie that she is still pregnant and didn't have an abortion. As Maggie gives her a big hug, Stitch walks in]
Theo 'Stitch' Lambert: Maggie and Selena - together at last! I knew it! I knew it!

"Casualty: Day One (#21.33)" (2007)
[Stitch has deliberately thrown Guppy in at the deep end by forcing him to make life-or-death decisions about a patient's treatment. Maggie challenges Stitch later on]
Maggie Coldwell: You would have stepped in, wouldn't you, if it had gone wrong?
'Stitch' Lambert: I don't know. There's nothing like killing a patient to make sure you get it right next time.

"Casualty: The Fires Within (#21.45)" (2007)
Maggie Coldwell: You are unbelievable - you're so smug you think you've got an answer for everything. Do you know what? One day you won't - and I so hope I'm there to see it.
Theo 'Stitch' Lambert: Whoa! Your URST levels are in the red, baby. You're gonna blow. I hope I'm there to see that.
Maggie Coldwell: What?
Theo 'Stitch' Lambert: [grinning] URST - unrequited sexual tension.