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Quotes for
Cpl. Boonie Lanier (Character)
from "China Beach" (1988)

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"China Beach: Who's Happy Now? (#3.4)" (1989)
[Boonie and Hyers are dragging the dead Col. Darling off K.C.'s bed]
K.C.: What are you yelling at me for? It's not my fault the colonel had a bum ticker. Well? You're not just going to leave him like that?
Boonie: Why can't we just take him back to his bed?
K.C.: [displaying the handcuffs Col. Darling is wearing] Because he probably has a wife and three children back home. Don't you think we should spare them the humiliation?
Jeff Hyers: Now don't get edgy.
K.C.: Don't get edgy? A full-dead colonel is handcuffed to my bed and you're telling me not to get edgy?
Boonie: A full-dead handcuffed colonel, with sunglasses.
Jeff Hyers: Well, what are we going to do now?
Boonie: I don't know. What do you think?
Jeff Hyers: I don't know! That's why I asked you. What do you think?
Boonie: I don't know!
[to K.C]
Boonie: What do you think?
K.C.: What do I think? I think we're never going to win this war!

Pvt. Samuel Beckett: [Beckett is preparing the body of a Colonel who died while enjoying K.C.'s 'services'] I found these among his personal effects.
[Handing letters to Boonie and Hyers]
Boonie: [reads from one letter] Colonel Darling, we regret to inform you that your request for combat duty has been denied.
Jeff Hyers: [reads from another letter] Dear Buster, the way we're fighting this war it seems like everyone is sleepwalking. My regrets that something so minor prevented your transfer. Best, Brigadier General Stanley.
Pvt. Samuel Beckett: They don't give medals for sleepwalking. It'll keep you out of the bush, off the battlefield, but no gold, no ribbons. So... why here's one...
[picking up homemade ribbons]
Pvt. Samuel Beckett: For all the paper cuts you got while you were filling out those carbon separated forms, in triplicate. Here's one for all the hours spent behind a desk sending official memorandums through the appropriate channels, and one tiny little ribbon for having died while not serving your country during a "military police action"... which they refuse to call a war.
K.C.: [Beckett offers a ribbon to K.C. and she pins it to the Colonel's uniform] For imaginative and self-sacrificing action while engaged, for never abandoning your post, for the silly stupid, bad, heroic idea that this was some place that you wanted to come.

"China Beach: Tet '68 (#2.7)" (1989)
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: [During a massive attack Boonie runs up and grabs Wayloo] Get inside now!
Wayloo Marie Holmes: [Wayloo realizes Boonie is wearing a dress] Hi.
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: It's the neckline, it needs something.
Wayloo Marie Holmes: Breasts.
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: I was thinking of a boa.
Wayloo Marie Holmes: Too cheap.
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: Pearls?
Cameraman: Too much.
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: Choker?
Wayloo Marie Holmes: Maybe.
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: You sure?
Wayloo Marie Holmes: About the choker definitely, about you...
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: [gestures at the dress] It's Mardi gras night at the Jet Set.

"China Beach: Twilight (#2.13)" (1989)
K.C. Kolowski: We both know what happened out there.
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: No, you don't. Even YOU don't know what happened.
K.C. Kolowski: But I felt it. When you came back. Skinny, scared, just wanting someone to hold on to you.
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: You took care of me.
K.C. Kolowski: Every time you looked at me. Every time we made love. I couldn't stop feeling it, I still do, when I look at you, when I see that damn scar they gave you.
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: Touch it K.C.
[Takes her hand and moves it to his scar]
K.C. Kolowski: Boonie you're scaring me.
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: Come on, touch it. See? It's tougher, the skin's healed. I'm not skinny any more, I'm not scared.
K.C. Kolowski: I am.
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: I know, I feel it.