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Captain Martin Duval (Character)
from "Young Blades" (2005)

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"Young Blades: Wanted (#1.1)" (2005)
Siroc: [after D'Artagnan slides across a table and lands face first in a woman's breasts, saying thoughtfully] Bags of air could save lives.
D'Artagnan: What?
Siroc: Just thinking out loud, look out!
[Letrec attacks from behind, is stopped by Captain Duval]
Captain Duvall: [shouting] Cease this melee!
Letrec: If you can't train your musketeers, Captain Duval, we will!
Captain Duvall: Looks to me Letrec like they were training you!

D'Artagnan: How did you like that barber job I gave that Cardinal's Guard Sir?
Captain Duvall: I didn't!

Captain Duvall: Gentlemen, our nation is at peril, our Queen has never cared to govern, our young King is... is unmolded clay! We cannot let Mazarin be the only influence over the CROWN-
[slams his fist on the table to emphasize his point, the table buckles]
Siroc: Sorry Sir, that's my fault, I needed a few extra screws for my new invention...
Captain Duvall: So you dismantled my desk?
Siroc: Well, the quartermaster was out of screws Sir and, if you don't mind me saying so, if you gesture a little less emphatically, we might...
Captain Duvall: Leave it! Just leave it alone!

D'Artagnan: [after throwing 'Jacques' to the floor under a cow] Enjoying the view?
Jaqueline Rochey: [Grabs cow's udder and squirts milk into his face, stands up and grabs his sword arm while putting her own sword against his crotch] Now let go.
[Takes his sword]
Jaqueline Rochey: Thank you.
[Throws it behind her, Captain Duval catches it]
Captain Duvall: Well done. Well done.
Jaqueline Rochey: Thank you. Jacques Leponte at your service.
Captain Duvall: Captain Duval.
Jaqueline Rochey: I would like to join the musketeers Captain.
D'Artagnan: You can't just join. We're an elite force...
Captain Duvall: It wouldn't hurt you to have some competition. The son of the legendary D'Artagnan isn't accustomed to losing.
D'Artagnan: He cheated.
Captain Duvall: Crying over spilt milk?
Jaqueline Rochey: That's very witty Captain.
Captain Duvall: Thank you. You have taste as well as talent.

Captain Duvall: [after 'Jacques' tells them his sad life story, sounding truly sympathetic] That's terrible.
D'Artagnan: [sarcastically] I'm crying.

Captain Duvall: Have the others been giving you a hard time?
Jaqueline Rochey: No.
Captain Duvall: They may tease you about...
[Starts looking uncomfortable]
Captain Duvall: uh... The... well, the way you speak.
Jaqueline Rochey: What way is that?
Captain Duvall: Well, uh... You know I had a Sergeant once. Everybody in the barracks called him... 'Squeaky'.
Captain Duvall: But by God he was a soldier.