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Adam Kane (Character)
from "Mutant X" (2001)

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"Mutant X: A Breed Apart (#1.21)" (2002)
Shalimar: He was jett-propelled, I mean, how does that happen?
Brennan: More importantly, we let those bastards get away with grabbing her.
Adam: Well, sometimes discretion's a better part of valour.
Shalimar: When have you ever known Brennan to be discreet?
Adam: Well, there is that.
Brennan: Guys, you know I'm going through something totally weird here and you're making fun of me?

Adam: Hey, hey, where are you going?
[waves finger at Brennan towards lab]
Brennan: Adam, you know, I'm not really not in the mood for a tune-up right now.
Shalimar: Come on, you big baby.
Brennan: Can we just do this later?
Shalimar: I'll hold your hand.
[Shalimar pushes Brennan into the lab]

Adam: Well, your bloodwork confirms what I've suspected from word one, which is that you're all experiencing what I can only call a new mutant growth spurt.
Brennan: A growth spurt?
Brennan: Well, that's interesting, because all of a sudden I'm rocket boy, and Shalimar's got eyes in the back of her head, Jesse's phasing stairwells and Emma's got a mental bazooka - and that's a growth spurt?

Emma: [in the Double Helix with Brennan and Jesse] Ashlock's done something to Shalimar.
Jesse: Brennan was right,we should have gone in and gotten her out when we had the chance.
Adam: [walking through Sanctuary] No, you don't storm your enemy's stronghold when he's got a hostage - you wait till he makes his move, then you strike.
Brennan: What makes you so sure he's going to make a move?
Adam: [still walking through Sanctuary] Trust me.

"Mutant X: Fool for Love (#1.4)" (2001)
Shalimar: Believe me Adam my brain, had nothing to do with what went on back there.
Adam: Well sure it did. You found yourself in a highly charged situation. The dopamine and phenylethamine, released in your brain created a euphoria. Simultaneously more epinephrine, triggered an adrenaline release, which stimulated flushed cheeks, heavy breathing, and sweaty palms, and this sudden shift caused a lymbic system takeover allowing reduced integration with your cortex resulting in feelings of infatuation.
Shalimar: Whatever. I was hot