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Detective Bryan Fuller (Character)
from "Heroes" (2006/II)

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"Heroes: Chapter Two 'Lizards' (#2.2)" (2007/II)
Detective Bryan Fuller: Either the killer fell twenty storeys, got up and walked away, or flew away. You know somebody who can do that?

"Heroes: Chapter Nine: Cautionary Tales (#2.9)" (2007/II)
[Parkman argues with Detective Fuller about still digging in the closed Nakamura case]
Detective Bryan Fuller: Let it go. You got real work to do.
Matt Parkman: This is real work! And it's important - lives could be at stake...
Detective Bryan Fuller: Your job could be at stake if you keep this up, Parkman. Now, I need you back on the planet Earth, you got me?
[an idea occurs to Parkman]
Matt Parkman: No!
Detective Bryan Fuller: Excuse me, detective?
Matt Parkman: [telepathically] Give me 24 hours; let me talk to Angela Petrelli again.
Detective Bryan Fuller: Tell you what - You got 24 hours. Talk to Angela Petrelli again.
Matt Parkman: Thank you. Great idea!