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Arukenimon (Character)
from "Digimon: Digital Monsters" (1999)

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"Digimon: Digital Monsters: BlackWarGreymon's Destiny (#2.47)" (2001)
Mummymon: Its mind boggling, we had the perfect opportunity to nip those kids in the bud and he stopped us, what was he thinking?
Arukenimon: He's two tacos short of a combo platter.
Mummymon: I can't help but remember that conversation with BlackWargreymon... He's a Digimon and Oikawa's a human, so what are we supposed to be - chopped liver? Virtual viruses? Horror film wannabes? I'm telling you my dear this giving me a vast feeling of inferiority!
Arukenimon: Did I ever mention you're thoroughly pathetic when you whine? We'll get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, quit your harping, you're exasperating me.

Yukio Oikawa: [after meeting Cody] Hiroki's son? They're very similar in so many ways... But I can't let myself give in to weakness when I'm so close...
[he remembers himself and Hiroki working at a computer]
Yukio Oikawa: Oh Hiroki... I had a vision for the future that everyone said was impossible, but you always encouraged me to keep trying!
Hiroki Hida: Yeah!
[he gives Oikawa a thumbs up]
Yukio Oikawa: [seeing himself as a young boy] I never fit in as a kid, they all laughed at me and thought I was strange... You never did though.
[young Oikawa and Hiroki walk by the train tracks]
Yukio Oikawa: It was as if we were made from the same mould.
[he sees his younger self, alone]
Yukio Oikawa: He's gone, why should I care? Happiness is an illusion, life's ugly and cruel! I moved on... so why has he come back to haunt me? He's dead, I can't let his memory keep me from my destiny. You can't change my mind, I won 't let you!
[he runs home]
Yukio Oikawa: If there was only some way I could show the virtual beings I created, you'd understand what I'm about to accomplish. I made digital copies of my own DNA, the copies were computer generated into solid images of my own genetic essence.
[Arukenimon appears on his laptop]
Arukenimon: Well, you'll never win a beauty contest...
[Mummymon appears beside her]
Mummymon: But after all it's what's inside that counts. And that's not much!
Yukio Oikawa: What are you trying to tell me?
Arukenimon, Mummymon: You're horrid and empty, so get over it!
Yukio Oikawa: You're baiting me, stop it!
Arukenimon: What's the matter, afraid to face the truth?
Mummymon: We represent the essence of your ugliness.
Arukenimon, Mummymon: We're living your nightmare!