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Cleo Martin (Character)
from "Love Soup" (2005)

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"Love Soup: The Reflecting Pool (#1.3)" (2005)
Milly Russell: How bad a swear word is 'bollocks'?
Cleo Martin: How d'you mean?
Milly Russell: I was doing a gift-wrap for this woman and accidentally cut my finger. You should have seen her face; it was like I'd said 'bugger' or something.
Cleo Martin: Well, how's 'bugger' worse than 'bollocks'?
Milly Russell: I'd never say 'bugger' to a customer!
Cleo Martin: Well, you wouldn't say 'bugger' or 'bollocks'. 'Bollocks' is worse. 'Bugger', 'bollocks' and 'shit', you should always be careful of.
Milly Russell: Well then where does 'shite' come in? I always thought 'shite' and 'shit' were the same but someone said 'shit' was less shocking than 'shite', which to me, I'm sorry, is bollocks.