Richard Samuels
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Richard Samuels (Character)
from Me and Orson Welles (2008)

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Me and Orson Welles (2008)
Orson Welles: Where is thou ukulele?
Richard Samuels: I think some asshole... doth... stole it

Joseph Cotten: Welcome to quadruple-space, kid.
Richard Samuels: What's quadruple space?
Joseph Cotten: You know in a novel, when the main characters are finally about to shtup? They can't describe it or otherwise they can't print the book. They just go, 'He hugged her hard, and they fell into bed.' Period. Quadruple space.
Norman Lloyd: The next paragraph the sun is rising and the milkman is knocking the bottles together.
Joseph Cotten: All the good stuff happens in the quadruple space.
Norman Lloyd: Fertilizer's hoping to make his next thirty years one long quadruple space.
Joseph Cotten: Forty.

Richard Samuels: Well, I wish you luck.
Sonja Jones: I won't need luck. I don't believe in luck.
Richard Samuels: I don't think I do anymore, either. It's kind of a relief, isn't it, not believing in luck?
Sonja Jones: I don't want to keep Mr. Selznick, waiting, do I? How do I look?
Richard Samuels: Like a girl who's going to give me one blindingly beautiful parting kiss.

Sonja Jones: Orson wants to stay with me tonight.
Richard Samuels: Stay with you tonight?
Sonja Jones: I'm in no position to refuse.
Richard Samuels: What are you talking about?
Sonja Jones: I have to watch out for myself. That's what my whole life has taught me again and again.

[last lines]
Gretta Adler: You know, uh, the last time we were here, I was thinking to myself, Gretta, you've been living in the city half a year, trying to write, hoping to meet people, and - here I meet a guy I like. I don't - don't worry, I'm not trying to scare you. Just seems like - we have so many of the same interests.
Richard Samuels: Yeah.
Gretta Adler: Exciting time. Because it feels like...
Richard Samuels: Like it's all ahead of us.
Gretta Adler: Yeah.
Man: Hold the doors!
Gretta Adler: Yeah. It's all ahead of us. What do you think?
Richard Samuels: Hmm.
Gretta Adler: Hmm.
Gretta Adler: Possibilities.
Richard Samuels: Yeah. Possibilities.

Orson Welles: You really are a god created actor Richard. Those weren't just words you see. I recognize 'The Look'.
Richard Samuels: The Look?
Orson Welles: The bone deep understanding that your life is so utterly without meaning that simply to survive you have to reinvent yourself. Because if people can't find you, they can't dislike you. You see if I can be Brutus for 90 minutes tonight; I mean really be him, from the inside out; then for 90 minutes I get this miraculous reprieve from being myself. That's what you see in every great actor's eyes.

Richard Samuels: All I do know is that whatever it is, acting, writing, music, plays, I just want to be a part of it all.

Sonja Jones: What are you doing here?
Richard Samuels: I didn't think you'd actually stay with him.
Sonja Jones: I told you what I was doing; I'm not sorry.
[pauses to hail a cab]
Sonja Jones: You've only known me a week. Don't you think your wounded silence is a little melodramatic?
Richard Samuels: You know, sometimes you remember a week for the rest of your life.
Sonja Jones: Well then, let's be grateful we had a week.

Sonja Jones: He had a personality problem with Orson.
Richard Samuels: Meaning?
Sonja Jones: Meaning he had a personality.

Sonja Jones: I'm one huge catalog of faults.
Richard Samuels: Oh, name me one fault.
Sonja Jones: My left breast is smaller than my right.
Richard Samuels: You got a ruler?

Richard Samuels: Think of this as an investment, mother. An investment in my future as some kind of artist.
Grandmother Samuels: Like your Uncle Frank.
Mrs. Samuels: Oh God!
Grandmother Samuels: He never kept a steady job his whole life.
Richard Samuels: This is different. Some day everyone in this town is going to know who I am.
Mrs. Samuels: Oh sure. You'll be the one who didn't graduate from high school.

Joseph Cotten: Go home, kid.
Richard Samuels: This is home.