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Quotes for
Angie (Character)
from Dirt Merchant (1999)

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Dirt Merchant (1999)
Angie: God Dirt, what are you doing with your life anyway?

Angie: Look obviously this was a bad idea and I have to get back for a meeting. You have my card, maybe we can do lunch sometime.
Dirt Merchant: Sure, that'd be great. You know, thanks for coming by. It was really nice seeing you and er, congratulations on your new job.
Angie: You really mean it?
Dirt Merchant: Sure. Happy for you Ang.
Angie: Thanks, call me okay? Let's be friends.
Dirt Merchant: Absolutely.

Dirt Merchant: Angie, how are you?
Angie: Yeah, I need to hire a detective.
Dirt Merchant: To do what?
Angie: Find a missing person.
Dirt Merchant: Who might that be?
Angie: My ex-boyfriend.
Dirt Merchant: What is his name again?
Angie: Dirt, if he doesn't kiss me right now.
[they go to kiss each other but Dirt stops it]
Dirt Merchant: Wait just so you're aware.
Angie: Of what?
Dirt Merchant: That we're friends, just friends.
Angie: Whatever.
[they kiss]