Bill Whitney
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Bill Whitney (Character)
from Society (1989)

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Society (1989)
Bill Whitney: Fuckin' nightmare.
Dr. Cleveland: Last night?
Bill Whitney: My life.
Dr. Cleveland: Are you scared?
Bill Whitney: I get scared.
Dr. Cleveland: Of what?
Bill Whitney: My parents, my sister... you.
Dr. Cleveland: Why?
Bill Whitney: I feel like something's gonna happen. And, if I scratch the surface, they'll be something terrible underneath.
Dr. Cleveland: It's perfectly normal to experience a certain irrational fear. It's no more than a phase. It'll pass, I assure you.
Bill Whitney: [takes a bite of an apple; which is infested with maggots and worms]

Dr. Cleveland: How do you feel about your family now, in light of all these recent victories?
Bill Whitney: My family?
Dr. Cleveland: Yes.
Bill Whitney: Uhm... nothing. I mean, I don't think about them, they don't think about me. We're just one big happy family... except for a little incest and psychosis.

Dr. Cleveland: Y'know, you really deserve what's going to happen to you.
Bill Whitney: What's gonna happen?
Dr. Cleveland: You're going to make a wonderful contribution to society.

Bill Whitney: I wanna know what happened to Blanchard. And I wanna know what your did to my sister.
Ferguson: You know the schedule; first, we dine. Then, I fucked your sister. Then, everybody else got so turned on, they fucked her too. As far as big ol' breath Blanchard goes; I ran that low-rent fool right into a pole. Pretty busy week, don't you think?

Clarissa Carlyn: How do you like your tea? Cream, sugar... or do you want me to pee in it?
Bill Whitney: [after being speechless for a few seconds] You are a class act, Clarissa.

Bill Whitney: Fuck you, butthead!

Bill Whitney: Paranoid? I'm not paranoid. All my fears are real.