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Chandra Suresh (Character)
from "Heroes" (2006/II)

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"Heroes: Chapter Ten 'Six Months Ago' (#1.10)" (2006/II)
Gabriel Gray: Can I help you?
Chandra Suresh: I hope so, Mr. Gray.
Gabriel Gray: [looking at Chandra's watch] I can fix it.
Chandra Suresh: My watch isn't broken.
Gabriel Gray: Actually it is.
[Chandra takes off his watch and gives it to Gabriel, who listens to the watch]
Gabriel Gray: The self winding coil is loose, your watch is running 2 seconds slow.
Chandra Suresh: How did you know?
Gabriel Gray: Just a talent I have for the way things work, how the parts should go.

Chandra Suresh: [to Gabriel Gray
Chandra Suresh: I came to find you, Gabriel. My name is Chandra Suresh. I'm a geneticist. I have a theory about human evolution, and I believe you are a part of it.
[hands him book]
Chandra Suresh: Read it, if you'd like to talk more, I've written my phone number and address inside.

Chandra Suresh: The brain controls every human action; voluntary or involuntary. Every breath, every heartbeat, every emotion. If the soul exists, scientifically speaking... it exists in the brain.

"Heroes: Chapter Ten '1961' (#3.23)" (2009/II)
Dr. Suresh: Einstein said, the life of the individual has meaning...
Angela Shaw: ...only in so far as it aids in making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful.
Dr. Suresh: You've read Einstein!
Angela Shaw: No. I just dreamt that you would say that.

Dr. Suresh: If you leave, it destroys all our work. Don't you see the benefits your abilities could have for the world?
Angela Shaw: I only see my nightmares.

"Heroes: Chapter Nine 'Homecoming' (#1.9)" (2006/II)
Chandra Suresh: Darwin said, "a scientific man ought to have no wishes, no affections - a heart of stone". That's me, Mohinder. It's not you.

"Heroes: Chapter Eight 'Seven Minutes to Midnight' (#1.8)" (2006/II)
Chandra Suresh: The world needs to know my findings. That's all that's important.
Mohinder Suresh: It is one thing to publish a book in the comfort of a university, it is another to leave everything behind. Chasing a theory that is pure fantasy.