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Quotes for
David (Character)
from The Last American Virgin (1982)

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Lemon Popsicle (1978)
Yudale: [after having sex with Stella] She's a nymphomaniac all right.

Yudale: [about Girls] They ain't virgins, you can tell by the way they walk, ain't that so Bobby?

Yudale: Man, look at them, fresh for the picking.

Yudale: [after Benji and Bobby ditch him] You couple of bastards.

Yudale: [Benji's staring at Nicki] You'll strain your eye balls pal.
Benzi: Do you know her?
Yudale: Who the four eyed broad?
Benzi: No, the other one, turkey!
Yudale: That's Nicki.
Benzi: Nicki?
Yudale: Yeah, a new babe in town.

Yudale: It's time for a little more passion, come on casanova, hey, put some soul into it baby.

Benzi: You tell her that I love her forever more.
Yudale: Sure Benny, I'll tell her that your love is highly spiritual.

Yudale: Bobby, are you positive water will drown these crabs?
Momo: Positive.
Yudale: I thought animals liked water.
Momo: Not fleas or lice.

The Last American Virgin (1982)
Brenda: This coke's kinda sweet. It's really good stuff.
David: The best.

Carmela: Come to me my big burrito!
David: Me?
Carmela: You are the only man I see. Come to Carmela.

David: What are you doing there, Victor?
Victor: Buzz off blimp.
Gary: Come on guys. There's probably nothing there to see anyway.
Victor: Oh yeah? I bet you guys wish you had what I have.

Gary: Four for Earl.
Earl: Four? Are you sure?
David: Half. Give him half.
Gary: Ok, we'll give you another half.
Earl: Gee, thanks guys!

David: The guy who's got the biggest tool, he's the one who wins the pool!