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Zola Taylor (Character)
from Why Do Fools Fall in Love (1998)

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Why Do Fools Fall in Love (1998)
Frankie Lymon: How come you keep stepping on my heart?
Zola Taylor: You prefer I pee on it? That's what's going to happen if you don't let me off this bus.

Frankie Lymon: [grabs Zola as she enters backstage and kisses her] Baby, you are one fine thing.
Zola Taylor: [slaps Frankie]
Young Little Richard: Ooh! Ouch! You want me to get you some ice?

Frankie Lymon: Do you love him?
Zola Taylor: I told you, Frankie. He's a nice, good man...
Frankie Lymon: I didn't ask that! I asked you do you love him?
Zola Taylor: YES! I love him, okay?
Frankie Lymon: Oh, no, no... You said that marriage would tie you down. You just didn't want to be tied down to me.
Zola Taylor: No, I never said that, Frankie.
Frankie Lymon: Oh, yeah, that's what you said. Now, let me tell you something. You gonna always be tied down to me. Whether you like it ot not. We're like magnets...
[forcefully kisses Zola]
Zola Taylor: [pushes Frankie away] Mm-mmm. Don't do this to me, Frankie.
Frankie Lymon: Don't leave me right now, Zola.
Zola Taylor: [flashes ring] I'm married.
Frankie Lymon: No, that was a mistake! That was a mistake!
Zola Taylor: NO! I got a life, baby, and it ain't gonna include you. Now you got to go. GET OUT!

Zola Taylor: [about Frankie] That flat-footed little weirdo played all of us.

Emira Eagle: I thought he was talented.
Elizabeth 'Mickey' Waters: Okay. He COULD sing.
Zola Taylor: He could SING me right out of my panties!

Frankie Lymon: [after receiving a restaurant bill] You better let me take care of this. Cause if you haven't heard, my record's #3!
[Teenagers yell in agreement]
Zola Taylor: No, you better let ME take of this. Cause if you haven't heard, MY record's #1!

Zola Taylor: Frankie just needed something different... *all* the time.