Jack Crews
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Jack Crews (Character)
from Black Dog (1998)

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Black Dog (1998)
Sonny: Well what if something jumps out into the road and you need to stop?
Jack Crews: You don't.
[Rig runs over something]
Sonny: What was that?
Jack Crews: A Mazda.

Earl: Yeah, you CAN drive.
Jack Crews: It's comin' back to me.

Jack Crews: There ain't nothing like a Caterpillar engine.
Earl: Easy up Crews, you're going burn it up.
Jack Crews: Alright watch this.

McClaren: Mr. Crews, we were wondering if you wouldn't mind driving the truck cab to the impound yard
Tracy: Can we please... Can we... Can we dad
Jack Crews: I don't have a license
McClaren: The way I understand it from Agent Ford
[Ford gives Jack the license]
McClaren: you do
[McClaren hands him the keys]