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Brave Heart Lion (Character)
from The Care Bears Movie (1985)

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The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland (1987)
Grumpy Bear: [rapping] Now, hold your tishie-tags, it's time I spoke. / Can't remember when I ate last! / I've been starving since we started, and that's no joke. / Man, I was fading fast!
Tenderheart Bear: But Grumpy...
Grumpy Bear: [rapping] Now, don't you dare say nothing, just leave me alone / with my tummy and my yummy treats / where I'm filling up my belly with ice cream and jelly / and I'm topping it with pickled beats!
Brave Heart Lion: Pickled beats?
Grumpy Bear: [rapping] Uh-huh! / Topping it with pickled beats! Oh, yeah! / Topping it with pickled beats!
Cheshire Cat: Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!
Grumpy Bear: Oh, what now?
Cheshire Cat: [rapping] Yo, Grumpy Bear, I gotta hand it to you. / You're talking like my main man! / I love your ton, and it's been fun / working with the Care Bear clan! / You helped Alice, and the princess, and the Queen of Hearts, / and you did right for my man, Stan! / You put the wizard in his place, and now everything's safe. / Everything in Wonderland. / I stopped by to see you cats and bears / and say thanks to you for me. / But I'll say see ya 'round after I chow down / with the Care Bear family. / Have a spread with the Care Bear family. / A few munchies with the Care Bear family. / Uh-huh! I am so hungry. I can't wait to eat with the Care Bear family. That's right. The Care Bear family. Uh-huh.
Brave Heart Lion: Pickled beats? Ohh...

Good Luck Bear: If I were you, I'd choose path number 1, but if you were me, you'd choose path number 2.
Brave Heart Lion: Alright! Path number 2!
Good Luck Bear: Hold it. You're not me, and I'm not you.
Brave Heart Lion: Path number 1?
Good Luck Bear: Precisely. After you, my dear Brave Heart.
Brave Heart Lion: Let's go!
Swift Heart Rabbit: The Mad Hatter's hat will get us there yet?
Grumpy Bear: Or drive us crazy on the way.

Brave Heart Lion: I have a feeling the Jabberwalkie is some kind of giant.
Grumpy Bear: And what makes you say that?
Brave Heart Lion: I sometimes get these hunches.

Grumpy Bear: Brave Heart?
Brave Heart Lion: Not now, Grumpy. Can't your stomach keep quiet?
Grumpy Bear: But Brave Heart, I think your giant hunch is right.
Brave Heart Lion: You do? How come?
Grumpy Bear: Because that's not my stomach!

Brave Heart Lion: How are we ever going to get across all this traffic?
Tenderheart Bear: There's only one thing we can do.
[shoots a rainbow out of his belly to make a bridge]
Brave Heart Lion: Now that's using your tummy, Tender Heart.

Tenderheart Bear: We're willing!
Good Luck Bear: And ready!
Brave Heart Lion: And able!
Lots-A-Heart Elephant: And that's the truth!

Swift Heart Rabbit: The Cheshire Cat said we'd find the princess if we followed this path and used our heads.
Brave Heart Lion: That's not much of a clue...
[they've reached the end of the path]
Brave Heart Lion: ... and not much of a path either.

The Care Bears Movie (1985)
Lotsa Heart Elephant: I think things will get a lot easier now that we're together, Brave Heart.
Brave Heart Lion: I couldn't agree with you more, Lotsa Heart. Soon, you'll be out of the Forest of Feelings, then your journey will really begin.
Jason: You're not coming with us?
Brave Heart Lion: Well... yes... if you think we could help.
Tender Heart Bear: Glad to have you along. We can use all the help we can get!
Brave Heart Lion: Well, in that case...
Lotsa Heart Elephant: [trumpets]
Brave Heart Lion: We're calling for the Loyal Hearts where ever they may be!
Lotsa Heart Elephant: We're calling for the Proud Hearts to come and follow me!
Brave Heart Lion: We're calling for the Gentle Hearts to keep us company!
Lotsa Heart Elephant: And it would be a Treat Heart if you would follow me!
Lotsa Heart Elephant, Brave Heart Lion: [singing] 'Cuz there's a job to be done, we're gonna need everyone / because nobody can do it alone. / We'll need the swift and the small, we'll need the strong and the tall / 'cuz everyone has a strength of their own. / And when you put it all together, / Then there's a power no one can deny. / It's the power to share, it's the power to care / 'cuz when you care, you're not afraid to try!

Brave Heart Lion: You're welcome to stay in the Forest of Feelings as long as you like.
Friend Bear: Thank you, Brave Heart, but the sooner we leave, the better. If we don't hurry, Care-A-Lot may not be there when we get back.
Kim: We have to find a way back to Earth.
Jason: To help stop the evil spirit from taking the feelings away from everybody.
Brave Heart Lion: Come on, everybody!
Kim: Where?
Brave Heart Lion: If there is a way out of the Forest of Feelings, we'll help you find it.

Brave Heart Lion: Come on, Swift Heart!
Swift Heart Rabbit: I'm way ahead of you.

Playful Heart Monkey: What happened to all your fur?
Kim: We never had any fur.
Brave Heart Lion: That's impossible! Every monkey has fur!
Playful Heart Monkey: And who said they were monkeys?
Brave Heart Lion: Well... they were up in a tree.
Playful Heart Monkey: I know. They're lions with haircuts.

Brave Heart Lion: A world without caring? This doesn't look like the Earth you talked about.
Tender Heart Bear: We've got stop it before it gets worse.
Gentle Heart Lamb: I don't think this place could get any worse.

Jason: Where did you come from?
Brave Heart Lion: Why, we live here. Everyone in the Forest of Feelings knows of Playful Heart Monkey and Brave Heart Lion.
Friend Bear: Forest of Feelings?
Jason: Well, we're from Earth.
Friend Bear: And Care-A-Lot.
Playful Heart Monkey: [laughs] Earth? Care-A-Lot?
Playful Heart Monkey: There's no such place!
Jason: There is too!
Brave Heart Lion: Don't mind Playful Heart. He loves to laugh at anything. I've heard tales long ago about... other places. What are these other places like?

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation (1986)
Tender Heart Bear: This is all of us that are left.
Share Bear: What can we do? We were so very many, and now we're so very very few.
Brave Heart Lion: Well, we can't just stop helping people! We can't stop caring!
Tender Heart Bear: Brave Heart's right, and Dark Heart knows it. But every time we try to help someone down on Earth, that someone could be Christy setting another trap.

"The Care Bears Family: The Camp-Out/I, Robot Heart (#2.7)" (1986)
Brave Heart Lion: That's not very funny, Playful Heart.
Playful Heart Monkey: You're right. It's hilarious!