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Quotes for
Ed Harlow (Character)
from "NewsRadio" (1995)

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"NewsRadio: Pilot (#1.1)" (1995)
Bill McNeal: Don't you think I should do the Al Gore interview? Because phone interviews keep me alert and if I'm not alert I might just start reading the news veeery slooowly, liiike thiiiis.
Ed Harlow: I will see what I can do.
Bill McNeal: Thanks, buddy. I know you'll make the right deciiiisiooon.

Dave Nelson: Mr. James, the Ed Harlow situation: it has been confronted and resolved.
Jimmy James: Wow, that was fast. Boy, you are a cold-blooded son of a gun, Dave. But, God bless you. I didn't think you were the firing type.
Dave Nelson: Actually, Ed quit. But that saves you two weeks severance pay.
Jimmy James: Quit? No, I didn't want Ed to quit. I wanted you to fire him!
Dave Nelson: Well, that's really sort of a moot point now, isn't it, sir?
Ed Harlow: [comes out of the elevator, kicks the box with his effects to Dave] Get the box, would you, Dave?
Jimmy James: Dave, Ed quits three times a week. Hell, sometimes he comes in on Sundays just to quit a few times without any distractions.
Dave Nelson: I did not know that.
Jimmy James: Well, it looks like you've got a walking, talking moot point to deal with, don't it. Pick it up.
[Dave picks up Ed's box]