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Marjory Frobisher (Character)
from "To the Manor Born" (1979)

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"To the Manor Born: Grantleigh (#1.1)" (1979)
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: Thank God that's over. I can't stand the offhand manner of these undertakers. When I was down at that office yesterday, I saw them playing hoopla with the reeds.
Marjory: I suppose it's their way of life.
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: Nonsense. It's just another example of fallen standards. Are they out of sight?
Marjory: Yes, I think so.
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: Good, I can take this damn hat off. If one thing guaranteed to make a widow feel grizzly, it's having to face the immediate future through a veil.
Marjory: I think you were awfully brave, Audrey. You kept your composure very well.
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: Marjory, how long have we been friends?
Marjory: Oh, all of our lives just about.
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: And you agree that a great bond of respect and trust has grown up between us? That is if we overlook the little matter of the crush we both had on Cynthia Fitzsimmons of Beddingham.
Marjory: I'm sorry.
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: Because I don't want you to breathe a word of what I'm going to do now.
Marjory: Oh, of course I won't. It's only natural that you should want to have a little emotional outburst in private.
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: Thank you, Marjory. Nobody looking, is there?
Marjory: No.
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: Right, here goes. Yipee! There. Oh I feel so much better now.

Marjory: Money isn't everything. What about love, and romance?
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: You mean sex! You're sex mad. I can get anything I want in that line just by snapping my fingers.
Marjory: I never found snapping my fingers that exciting.

Marjory: Golly, the place looks bare! What have you done?
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: Oh, we've taken all the "In Sympathy" cards down. Pity, they made the place look so cheerful. There's a lovely one here from Mrs. Beechum. "May me and Harry offer you every assistance with your death."

Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: Marjory, are you going to dress for dinner?
Marjory: I have!
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: To eat it or cook it?

[last lines]
Richard DeVere: I won't say goodbye. Just au revoir.
Marjory: [speaking about Richard De Vere] Golly, what a man.
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: Yes, isn't he?
Marjory: Aud, you're not thinking of...?
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: Why not?
Marjory: You were, you've just said the most terrible things about him!
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: Marjory, you must learn not to confuse money with breeding. He's got the money, I've got the breeding.
Marjory: Do you think he might be your Mr. Right?
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: I don't know about Mr. Right, but he could very well be Mr. Convenient.

Marjory: At least he's English.
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: But he's trade.

"To the Manor Born: All New Together (#1.2)" (1979)
[first lines]
Marjory: Good morning, Rector.

Audrey: Brabinger's got his back trouble again.
Marjory: What's he picked up this time?
Audrey: A billiard table.

Marjory: Heavens, this is an old school photograph, isn't it?
Audrey: Oh, yes. There's you! What a sight!
Marjory: Where are you? Oh, there you are, right at the end.
Audrey: I don't think I've changed all that much.
Marjory: No, that's just it. You haven't.

Marjory: Chin up, Aud. At least he's English.

"To the Manor Born: The New Farm Manager (#2.1)" (1980)
[first lines]
Audrey: Electricity, gas, telephone. Oh, glory.
Marjory: Good morning.
Audrey: That's your opinion.

The Rector: For what we are about to receive may the Lord make us truly thankful.
[Marjory stifles a laugh]
Audrey: Marjory?
Marjory: Sorry! Um, got a bone in my throat.
Audrey: Do watch out for bones everybody. You can't be too careful with avocados.

"To the Manor Born: The Spare Room (#2.2)" (1980)
Marjory: [talking about Podge] I was surprised to hear she'd got married at all, I mean she wasn't very attractive was she?
Audrey: Oh, let's not mince words, Marjorie; she had a face like a ship's boiler. And what's more, she was built like one.

Audrey: You heard what she said, "footloose and fancy free". I don't want somebody like that at the manor. Do we?
Marjory: No, I guess we don't.

"To the Manor Born: Never Be Alone (#2.3)" (1980)
Marjory: [talking about the Egyptian vase] Well if I'd have known what it was, I'd never have let Cleopatra hurl it at the third Eunuch.

"To the Manor Born: A Touch of Class (#1.7)" (1979)
Marjory: Perhaps its'a sex film.
Audrey: With Brabinger. You have sex on the brain.

"To the Manor Born: Going to Church (#1.3)" (1979)
[Audrey and Marjory are discussing Ned, one of the estate workers]
Marjory: There's hardly a clock in the neighbourhood he hasn't broken at sometime or another. What about that clock at Mulbery-St. Nicholas he mended? It must be the only church clock with a cuckoo in it.
Audrey: He's a craftsman. If you don't give him the work he'll never get better.
Marjory: But he's been doing it for thirty seven years.
Audrey: Well there you are! You can't expect him to get it right first time!

"To the Manor Born: Christmas Special: The First Noel (#1.8)" (1979)
Audrey: Oh, there's a note attached.
Marjory: Oh, yes?
Audrey: "My mother and I would be so pleased if you could spend X-mas day with us at the Manor." "X-mas" - makes it sound like a skin complaint.

"To the Manor Born: The Summer Hunt Ball (#1.5)" (1979)
Audrey: First floor. Third window from the left.
Marjory: Oh gosh, you can see absolutely everything.
Audrey: Yes, I know. Would you say the Brigadier is looking rather harassed?
Marjory: Distinctly. He's waiving his arms about. Ooh, it's a good job I can't lip read.
Audrey: Most satisfactory.
Marjory: I believe you planned this whole thing.
Audrey: What do you mean.
Marjory: You're hoping Mr. DeVere will come to you and ask for help on bended knee.
Audrey: Whatever for?
Marjory: Because he won't be able to cope with the hunt ball, and you'll be able to show him the estate can't function without you.
Audrey: Well that's true enough, it can't.
Marjory: The curtains can draw right across now.
Audrey: Oh lovely, we don't want people peering in. I do believe privacy is very important.