Dr. Sara Dillane
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Dr. Sara Dillane (Character)
from "New Amsterdam" (2008)

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"New Amsterdam: Keep the Change (#1.5)" (2008)
Dr. Sara Dillane: Why aren't you in public databases?
John Amsterdam: [lets out a weary breath]
Dr. Sara Dillane: It must be real bad.
John Amsterdam: Something happened. I had to become someone else.
Dr. Sara Dillane: What is it... undercover thing? What's your real name?
John Amsterdam: John Amsterdam. I like it. I'd like to keep it. I'd like to keep you.

John Amsterdam: [to Sara] Want the truth? The truth is, I'm 400 years old. The truth is, Omar is my son. One of sixty-three children I've fathered.
Dr. Sara Dillane: John.
John Amsterdam: I've tried to be careful because I can't stay with them. I'm immortal. They're not. The truth is...
Dr. Sara Dillane: [interrupts] Stop. Just stop.
[walks away]

"New Amsterdam: Honor (#1.4)" (2008)
Dr. Sara Dillane: Marriage. It's hard.
John Amsterdam: Yeah. Well... I've got the scars to prove it.
Dr. Sara Dillane: Speaking of which, you want to tell me about the ones you have? The one above your heart, for example?
John Amsterdam: Ran into a sword.
Dr. Sara Dillane: A sword. What about your shoulder?
John Amsterdam: A bullet hole.
Dr. Sara Dillane: Stomach?
John Amsterdam: Shotgun blast.
Dr. Sara Dillane: Arm?
John Amsterdam: Gardening accident. Nah, I didn't want to bore you. It was another sword. Or, more like a dagger really.

"New Amsterdam: Soldier's Heart (#1.3)" (2008)
Dr. Sara Dillane: Your bloodwork was curious. It had anomalies.
John Amsterdam: Anomalies.
Dr. Sara Dillane: Toxic level of lead. Native American genetic markers.
John Amsterdam: A great, great, great, great grandmother was part Lanpae.
Dr. Sara Dillane: Lanapae.
John Amsterdam: The original inhabitants of Manhattan.
Dr. Sara Dillane: Yeah, the ones who sold it to the Dutch?
John Amsterdam: Old wives tale. Trust me. Never happened.