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Derek Reese (Character)
from "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (2008)

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"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: What He Beheld (#1.9)" (2008)
[first lines]
[caption: April 21, 2011 - Judgment Day]
[two kids are playing baseball]
Sarah Connor: [narrating] When John was little, he used to sleep with his hand under my chin. At night I'd lay awake watching him, calm, peaceful, happy. I wanted to freeze time, and let my son live in that moment forever.
[younger boy misses the ball with his bat]
Sarah Connor: [narrating] But you can't freeze time. You can't protect your children from the future that awaits them.
Kyle at 8: Batting's hard, Derek!
Derek at 15: You're doing great, Kyle, just remember how I showed you: stay on top of the ball.
Sarah Connor: [narrating] The moment's there. And then...
Derek at 15: [Kyle hits the ball] Yes!
Kyle at 8: Yes, finally!
Sarah Connor: [narrating] ... it's gone.
[distant explosions]
Kyle at 8: Fireworks! Cool!
[looking up they see the nuclear bombs streaking across the sky]

[caption: April 21, 2011: Judgement Day]
[two kids are playing baseball]
Sarah Connor: [narrating] When John was little he used to sleep with his hand under my chin. At night I lay watching him, calm, peaceful, happy. I wanted to freeze time and let my son live in that moment forever.
[younger boy misses the ball with his bat]
Sarah Connor: [narrating] But you can't freeze time. You can't protect your children from the future that awaits them.
Kyle at 8: Batting's hard Derek!
Derek at 15: You're doing great Kyle, just remember how I showed you, stay on top of the ball.
Sarah Connor: [narrating] The moment's there. And then...
Derek at 15: [Kyle hits the ball] Yes!
Kyle at 8: Yes, finally!
Sarah Connor: [narrating] ... it's gone.
[distant explosions]
Kyle at 8: Fireworks, cool!
[looking up they see the planes carrying nuclear bombs]

John Connor: [referring to Kyle] What was he like?
Derek Reese: He was just a kid when it happened. Eight years old, I was fifteen. How do you tell an eight-year-old machines have taken over the world?
John Connor: How do you?
Derek Reese: You don't.

Derek Reese: [grabs Sarkissian, pushes him against the wall and levels a gun to his head] Here's my counter-offer: You tell us where the Turk is, we keep our money, and I bury you in the backyard.
Fake Sarkissian: [chuckles] Well, you listen to me. If I don't walk out of here in ten minutes, my people are instructed to call the FBI, and tell 'em everything I know.
Sarah Connor: Your people?
Fake Sarkissian: Yeah. My people. Same people who are watching your son. He's on a field trip, isn't he? With his class? Science Museum, I believe.
Derek Reese: [smiles] Your people have no idea what they're walking into.

[the Connor group walks up to the cafe manager nonchalantly]
Derek Reese: Where is he?
Cafe Manager: Who?
[Sarah reaches over the counter and slams the manager's head down on the desk]
Sarah Connor: He. Need I repeat?
[the manager meekly points to the back room]

[Sarkissian is holding a gun to John's throat and Derek walks onto the scene with his gun on a little girl]
Derek Reese: Let him go.
Fake Sarkissian: Not my kid.
Derek Reese: Not mine either.

Derek Reese: So, it's your birthday.
John Connor: How... how d'you know?
Derek Reese: Are you kidding? I celebrated your 30th with you.
John Connor: [smiles] How was that?
Derek Reese: [chuckles] You got drunk as a skunk.
[John laughs]
Derek Reese: Come on. I'll buy you a beer.
John Connor: I'm sixteen.
Derek Reese: All right, I'll buy you an ice cream cone. Come on, it's your birthday. When there are things to celebrate, they should be celebrated.

[Derek and John are sitting in the park, eating ice cream and watching two kids playing baseball]
Derek Reese: It's beautiful here, isn't it?
[John nods]
Derek Reese: When you stay long enough, you start fooling yourself into thinking that this is... how it's always gonna be. Then you remember what this place'll look like when it's on fire and... you realize you'll do whatever it takes to keep from watching it burn again.
[the baseball lands near John. John picks it up and gives it back to the younger kid, then spots the older boy wearing a shirt with the name "Reese" on the back. John turns back to Derek stunned]
John Connor: Is that... you?
[realizes the implications]
John Connor: And the younger one? Is that...?
Derek Reese: Kyle. Throws pretty good for a five-year-old, huh? Your father always had a nice arm.
John Connor: [shocked] How'd you know?
Derek Reese: Every time I look at you I see him.
Derek Reese: Besides, your mom's his type.
[with watery eyes, John watches the two young Reeses play again]
Derek Reese: Happy birthday.

[Sarah and Derek are looking out for Sarkissian when two policemen appear]
Sarah Connor: We have to go.
Derek Reese: We came here for the Turk.
Sarah Connor: We can't get it if we're in prison.

Derek Reese: [on Sarah] She's got murder in her eyes all the time, but her heart's pure.

Derek Reese: [about the diamonds] Those are from the safehouse I set up, so technically, they're mine.
Sarah Connor: Well, I'm guessing you stole 'em. So technically, they're evidence in a felony.

Derek Reese: Remind me again, why... why are the boys out here and the girls in there?
John Connor: Because one of the "boys" is still wanted for murder. And one of the "girls" is harder than nuclear nails.
Derek Reese: And the other one's a cyborg.

John Connor: Moore's law: the guy who founded Intel said that every two years, the number of transistors on a computer chip doubles. Thirty years ago it was an observation, now it's a law. Tech industry spent billions doubling chip power.
Derek Reese: And?
John Connor: And, that's how we can go from a chess computer to the apocalypse in just four years.

John Connor: I learned that a lot can happen in four years.
Derek Reese: A lot can happen in four seconds. One minute I'm in the yard with my brother playing baseball, the next we look up and the sky is on fire.
John Connor: Judgment Day.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Vick's Chip (#1.8)" (2008)
Derek Reese: [talking to Sarah about Cameron] Who showed you my safehouse? She did. Who else knew about it? Nobody. Where are my men? In the morgue.
Cameron Phillips: I didn't give the Triple-Eight the safehouse's location.
Derek Reese: Prove it.

Cameron Phillips: [about Vick the Terminator] He's protecting her.
Sarah Connor: Why? And why like *that*?
Derek Reese: Because they're twisted. That's why.
[gives Cameron a pointed look of disgust and starts to leave]
Derek Reese: I'll be in the Jeep.

Sarah Connor: [at Barbara Chamberlain's house] She hasn't been here for a while. I wonder what she thinks happened to her husband.
Derek Reese: You kidding? She's dead.
Sarah Connor: You don't know that.
[they enter the house]
Sarah Connor: He wasn't holding her captive. Wasn't intimidating her. They lived here together.
Derek Reese: Think you'd know?
Sarah Connor: I know I'd know.

John Connor: Well, I guess when they say you can't fight City Hall, they really mean it.
Derek Reese: Whoever said that didn't have as much plastic as we do.
Sarah Connor: We can't blow up City Hall.
Derek Reese: Oh, it's really not that hard.

[Derek Reese in the shower, Sarah pulls back the curtain]
Sarah Connor: Sarkissian returned my call, he'll meet about selling the Turk.
Derek Reese: He's still got it? When's the meeting?
Sarah Connor: Tomorrow morning.
Derek Reese: [standing in shower] Meaning this news could've waited?
Sarah Connor: You killed Andy Goode. There was no one there to protect him and you killed him. You lie to me again, I'll kill you.

John Connor: So do we do this a lot in the future? Sneak around in the dark?
Derek Reese: We do this a lot.

[John and Derek find the body of a dead woman]
John Connor: I was kinda hoping we wouldn't find her.
[Derek whistles for Cameron and Sarah, then kneels and pulls the woman around]
John Connor: That's not Barbara.
Derek Reese: [checks her ID] Who the hell's Jessica Peck?
Cameron Phillips: A threat to Skynet.

Derek Reese: [searching in the tunnel system of City Hall] There shouldn't be a wall here. In the future, there's no wall here.
Sarah Connor: Meaning?
Derek Reese: Meaning we need to blow it up.

Sarah Connor: He gained her trust. Made her think he was human. Then killed her.
Derek Reese: It's what they do.
[throws a side glance to Cameron]

Derek Reese: [referring to Cameron] You know, maybe, maybe it's not the Turk that created Skynet. Maybe it's her. Maybe this was her plan all along.
John Connor: She's a machine. She doesn't have a soul and she never will. You don't have to trust her; you can trust me.

Derek Reese: These buildings are all connected by a series of underground tunnels that were built during the cold war. I did a project on it in the ninth grade - my last year of school.
Sarah Connor: And how do you know they're still functional?
Derek Reese: I lived there - Kyle and I. *After* they dropped the bombs on us.

[after they've used Cameron's chip to take down ARTIE, Derek unexpectedly picks up the chip]
John Connor: Hey, hey, hey, what're you doin'?...
[Derek gives John a look]
John Connor: Derek, don't.
Derek Reese: I want you to hear this in no uncertain terms. Someday, one of these things is gonna kill you.
[John takes the chip back]
John Connor: It's not gonna be this one.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Demon Hand (#1.7)" (2008)
Derek Reese: Put the machine on him. She'll find him. It's...
Sarah Connor: I know. It's what they do.

Cameron Phillips: Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
Derek Reese: First you have to have a soul.

Derek Reese: You might have fooled them, but not me. I know you.
Cameron Phillips: I know you, too.

Derek Reese: Can I ask you about my brother?
Sarah Connor: Kyle.
Derek Reese: John told me he died fighting. Do you know where he is now?
Sarah Connor: In the grass. I can take you there some day if you want.

Derek Reese: Your mom was in prison?
John Connor: Mental hospital. You go around blowing up buildings and ranting about robots, it happens.

Derek Reese: Look, John, what can happen to a person inside four walls... screws with your head; makes you do things you never thought you'd do.
John Connor: Some people never give up. Some people always fight.
Derek Reese: Fewer than you think.

Derek Reese: You can't have that thing here. Can't sleep with it here.
Sarah Connor: [nodding to the gun in Derek's hands] That gonna help?
Derek Reese: You never know. Does it help to sleep on the whole trunk?
Sarah Connor: [sees her bedroom doors open] Go into my bedroom again and I'll bust your head.

Derek Reese: You trust the machine...
John Connor: Cameron's just...
Derek Reese: Yeah, Cameron. What a joke. Walking around with a name. Like it's a person. It's not a person. It's not something you should be trusting!

Derek Reese: You're making a mistake.
Sarah Connor: How's that.
Derek Reese: The machine's gotta go.
Sarah Connor: This morning you had me sending her out to do our dirty work.
Derek Reese: Dirty work is all they're good for! Don't let yourself think that you can train them like at pet. Because it'll be the last thing that you think!

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Today Is the Day: Part 2 (#2.19)" (2009)
John Connor: I want to talk to you about the future.
Derek Reese: Yours?
John Connor: Yours.

John Connor: What do they think of me? In the future, what do people think?
Derek Reese: Well - if you're asking if... people agree... with everything you do, of course not. If you're asking if everybody loves you... Love's a lot to ask for. You can't do what you do and... expect everybody to agree - or to love you.
John Connor: And what is it that I do?
Derek Reese: You lead.
John Connor: And they follow?
Derek Reese: We follow. We rise or... fall on your shoulders. Humanity rises... or falls. But we're always watching.
John Connor: For me to make a mistake?
Derek Reese: For you to be human.

John Connor: How long do you think you could survive? With Cameron? If she wanted to kill you, face to face?
Derek Reese: What kind of weapon do I have?
John Connor: Your fists. And your elbows. And your fingernails and your teeth.
Derek Reese: Against her? Those aren't weapons.
John Connor: No, they're not.
Derek Reese: You already know the answer to that, John. If she wants me dead, I'm dead.
John Connor: She wants you dead, you're dead.

[first lines]
Derek Reese: [of Riley] I'm really sorry, John. She was a good kid, she didn't deserve what happened to her.
John Connor: Few people do.

Derek Reese: [to Jesse] Billy Wisher was my best friend. He was in my squad, we fought together. We saw things you can't imagine. He was like my brother, and I loved him. But it turns out I never really... knew him. His real name was Andy - Goode. And back here in this world he created a computer program, the program that becomes Skynet. So Andy Goode is dead. And Billy Wisher is dead too. Because I killed him. I came back here, and I killed him. He was my brother. And I loved him and I killed him. And I did it for Kyle... and John, and I did it for you.

Derek Reese: I don't even know you. I don't know who... you are.
Jesse: I'm Jesse. I'm Jesse!
Derek Reese: You're not my Jesse - you never were.
Derek Reese: [after a pause] John Connor said to let you go... I'm not John Connor.
[he pulls his gun]

John Connor: Did you do it? Did you kill her?
Derek Reese: John Connor let her go.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Dungeons & Dragons (#1.6)" (2008)
Derek Reese: [to Kyle] Your guts are made of metal like your head. If you were a little smarter, you'd be a tin can.

Derek Reese: Hey, Wisher, did you hear? Brother Kyle was in Century work camp.
Wisher: No, really?
Kyle Reese: Go to hell.
Wisher: Did he escape? Was he a hero?
Derek Reese: I heard he led John Connor through a slaughterhouse without taking a pinprick.
Wisher: Oh, no, no, no, I heard it was *two* slaughterhouses and that he *carried* Connor.
Kyle Reese: It was *one* slaughterhouse. *Many* Connors.
Wisher: Right, right.

Kyle Reese: What?
Derek Reese: I hate that thing.
Kyle Reese: It's just a picture.
Derek Reese: It's Connor's mother. I don't get why he'd give you that.
Kyle Reese: She's my good luck charm.
Derek Reese: That's what makes me nervous.

Derek Reese: Tell me about the other Reese.
Perry: Told you, it's classified.
Derek Reese: We're family.
Perry: We're all family.

Timms: So this thing. It works?
Derek Reese: [referring to John Connor] He said it does. I don't know how he knows but he said so.
Sayles: We go back...
Derek Reese: Twenty years.
Sayles: Set up a safehouse, gather intel and then what? Hang in there, baby, till someone else shows up and gives us more orders?
[waits for a beat]
Sayles: He didn't say anything about Kyle? All that and not a word about him?
Derek Reese: We can save Kyle. We can save everybody. We can fix all the mistakes.
Timms: How we gonna do that? Reese, how we gonna do that?
[Derek spots Billy Wisher/Andy Goode who waves and Derek gives a meaningful nod in return]

Derek Reese: [wakes up delirious and half lucid from painkillers, starts to freak out] Kyle!
John Connor: [calling out for help] Charley! Mom!
Derek Reese: Where's Kyle? Where is he? Where's Kyle? Where's Kyle? Where is he?
[struggling on the table and grabs the front of John's shirt, shaking him violently]
John Connor: Shhh, shh.
Derek Reese: Where is he? Where'd you send him!
[struggles against Sarah and Charley's attempts to hold him down]
Derek Reese: Uh-uh, no. GET OFF OF ME!
[makes a lung for John barely being held back by Sarah and Charley]
Derek Reese: WHERE IS HE! Where'd you send him? You owe me the truth!
[rips off his oxygen apparatus and IV]
Derek Reese: Get it off! Get it off of me! Get it off of me!
[Sarah and Charley pin him to the table and start to sedate him again]
Derek Reese: He's my blood. He's my blood. He's my blood! He's... my...

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Goodbye to All That (#2.5)" (2008)
[last lines]
Derek Reese: And he ran. He ran so fast. Fast enough to get to that tank before it got to Kyle's position. Fast enough to blow it skyhigh. We rescued forty prisoners that day. One of them was John Connor... Martin was always a great runner, but no one... no one could outrun a blast like that. He died, John. He died for you. We all die for you.

[John reads an article about a man who has been killed]
Derek Reese: His name is Martin Bedell. He was in century work camp with you, right up until the escape.
John Connor: So I knew him?
Derek Reese: You knew him. Everybody knew him.
Sarah Connor: But he doesn't know this one, does he? Not this Martin Bedell?
Derek Reese: No. Another Martin Bedell.
Sarah Connor: Maybe it's just coincidence.
Derek Reese: How many coincidences named Sarah Connor got killed before Skynet finally locked in on you?

Derek Reese: You wanna know what happened? To Bedell, what really happened?
John Connor: I don't know, do I?
Derek Reese: I guess it depends on who I'm talking to - John Baum or John Connor?
John Connor: Baum is just a name.

Derek Reese: [after speaking to the general to get John into the military school] Good news: you're in.
John Connor: What's the bad news?
Derek Reese: I'm in.

Pyle: Sir - we heard you were in the war; heard you've seen action.
Derek Reese: Yeah. Yeah, I've seen action in the war.
Pyle: Got a lot of kills?
Derek Reese: Say again?
Pyle: Kills, sir. I wanna go infantry as soon as I get out of here - maybe rangers, maybe delta. Best of the best!
Derek Reese: Best of the best. Counting kills, like it's a game. Like it's just a game. I remember one particularly fun day: A guy in my squad got his stomach blasted open in a fire fight. He spent six hours, holding his own guts in. His buddy carried him on his back to the nearest aid station, just praying that someone could put the dumb son of a bitch together again. The game, Pyle... the game is played with your buddy's life - with the life of your squad, your platoon. The game is played by you, on behalf of the whole damned human race!

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Complications (#2.9)" (2008)
Derek Reese: What did he do? Jesse, what did he do to you?
Jesse: There was a raid on a bunker. Metal was everywhere. They took out our command, killed everyone over thirty, killed the children... They took the prisoners to this... place. He was there... He said he was gonna teach them how to talk to people, how to get information from people, how to beat people... It was a kind of perverse theatre, like... like he was teaching them.
Derek Reese: How long did it go on?
Jesse: Weeks... months... There were drugs... and starvation. And he'd talk to you... for hours, for days. Just to break you down. Just to get you in a... to get to you.
Derek Reese: How'd you get out?
Jesse: I don't know. You never told me.
Derek Reese: What?
Jesse: It wasn't me Fisher had, baby. It was you.

Derek Reese: Maybe... maybe it never happened to me.
Jesse: Derek - I was there!
Derek Reese: Maybe I came... from a future where it never happened, and now you've come from a future where it did.
Jesse: Is that... possible?
Derek Reese: Since I've been back here, I've- I've done... things, I've changed... things... Maybe I changed the future. That's why we're here, isn't it, to change the future?
Jesse: Do you think there's a version of the future where we're not together?
Derek Reese: No.

Derek Reese: [after noticing Fisher's clock-tattoo] Where did you time?
Charles Fischer: I haven't done any time.
Derek Reese: Yes you have.
Charles Fischer: No, it's a ta... It's a tattoo. I... I fi- I fix watches; it's a clock!
Derek Reese: With no hands.
[looks at Fisher inquiringly]
Derek Reese: It means 'Till the end of time' - life sentence.

Charles Fischer: If I hadn't been in prison, I never would have made it through judgment day. Once they got their hands on me, it was either I teach them everything I learned inside, or say good-bye.
Derek Reese: And what'd you learn?
Charles Fischer: I learned what makes people tick.

Derek Reese: Some people, you can beat them and beat them, and they'll take it. Whatever pain you give them, they absorb it. It was theirs all along; all you're doing is giving it back to them. You see, deep down, they hate themselves, and they use that hate to eat the pain. See, we were all good once; we all loved ourselves once. This young man, trying to get through the day for his kids playing in the park...

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short (#2.6)" (2008)
Cameron Phillips: [of another terminator she has killed] This model has been redesigned.
Derek Reese: With a self-destruct feature?
John Connor: Skynet must not want me reprogramming in the future.
Cameron Phillips: This is one way to stop you.
John Connor: Well, I guess they're getting smarter. We should too.

Derek Reese: I was... thinking about that... time we met. You found me outside the bunker.
Jesse: When you weren't to take the lead and almost talked yourself into eating your gun?
Derek Reese: I don't think I've ever thanked you for what you said that day.
Jesse: I think the exact words were... "Your fly is open."
Derek Reese: Yeah.
Jesse: It was.

[after a passionate night together]
Jesse: Is there a word for what we just did?
Derek Reese: A word?
Jesse: For what we just did.
Derek Reese: I can think of a few, yeah.
Jesse: Can you?
Derek Reese: You wanna hear 'em?
Jesse: None. I want a new one.
Derek Reese: Is this your way of getting rid of me?
Jesse: You'll be gone soon enough.

Jesse: When everything ends... I wanna be here with you. Derek, please!
Derek Reese: I don't want everything to end, Jesse, not again.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Samson & Delilah (#2.1)" (2008)
Charley Dixon: What're you looking for?
Derek Reese: It's a piece of tech. It's called "The Turk", it's another computer, it's a program.
Charley Dixon: What's it do?
Derek Reese: Right now, it plays a mean game of chess. Couple years it's gonna get really pissed, blow up the world.

Derek Reese: So, I'm guessing Sarkissian didn't tell you where he sold the Turk before you killed him?
Sarah Connor: Wasn't that kind of conversation.

John Connor: Charlie told me a Cromartie killed about twenty FBI guys today. He's still out there. He's here for me. They're dead because of me.
Derek Reese: They're dead because some people refuse to accept the reality of this situation.
John Connor: Which is what?
Derek Reese: Which is that they carry death... with them.

Derek Reese: So, what are you gonna do when you find them? Hmm? Join the team? Think she's going to go with you or let you take care of her? Cause that's not going to happen. She left you at the altar for a reason.
Charley Dixon: That's not what I want.
Derek Reese: Really?
Charley Dixon: Yeah. I'm married.
Derek Reese: So you say.
Charley Dixon: I love my wife.
Derek Reese: So you say.
Charley Dixon: Look I just want to know they're ok. Got it?
Derek Reese: What if they're not?
Charley Dixon: Then I'll make them ok, like I did for you.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: To the Lighthouse (#2.20)" (2009)
Sarah Connor: Make sure you get to the safe house before night. If you haven't been there before, it can be hard to find.
Derek Reese: I can follow directions.
Sarah Connor: Well, you can also make mistakes. Wouldn't want anyone else getting hurt because of 'em.

Cameron Phillips: You can't kill me.
Derek Reese: I can try.

[Cameron has told Derek about Jesse's miscarriage]
Derek Reese: Why'd you tell me that now?
Cameron Phillips: You put John in danger when you lied about Jesse. Sarah nearly lost her child. You've lost a child. You won't make that mistake again.
Derek Reese: You knew her?
Cameron Phillips: I met her once.
Derek Reese: She never told me that.
Cameron Phillips: It seems she never told you a lot of things.

[last lines]
Derek Reese: Why'd you come in after me?
Cameron Phillips: You know the location of the safe house... John's location. If they tortured you...
Derek Reese: That would never happen.
Cameron Phillips: It has before.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Queen's Gambit (#1.5)" (2008)
Derek Reese: You gotta get outta here. If you haven't figured it out, I have a T-triple-eight on my ass. Now, if you found me, it will too.
Sarah Connor: We should get you ou...
Derek Reese: Go. Find the partner, the Russian. He's gotta be neck-deep in this also.
Sarah Connor: You're dead in here.
Derek Reese: Go! Please. I won't be the bastard who brings metal down on the Connors. So just go.

Derek Reese: You're prettier than in your picture.
Sarah Connor: Picture?
Derek Reese: Yeah, that's actually how I clocked you. My brother carried your snap for luck.
Sarah Connor: Who's your brother?
Derek Reese: What does it matter? You don't know the Reese boys and you never will.
Sarah Connor: Reese boys?
Derek Reese: Derek Reese. Brother's Kyle.

Derek Reese: [seeing Cameron] Metal bitch!
Sarah Connor: She's on our side.

James Ellison: Come one, man. Help me out. Tell me something I don't know.
Derek Reese: [stares at Ellison for a long beat] We're all gonna die.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Alpine Fields (#2.12)" (2008)
Lauren: It was my fault; I used the phone. I called a friend - Roger. I guess... I needed to feel normal, you know? Like a person.
Derek Reese: So you broke the rules.
Lauren: Yeah... And rule number one is - there is no normal.

General Perry: Once exposed, there's no way to know how long you've got. Could be four hours till the symptoms hit, twenty before the bug kills you. This could be a one-way trip.
Derek Reese: We're all one-way trips.

[Lauren is startled by Derek and points a gun at him]
Derek Reese: Whoa, hey, easy, easy, easy - Sarah Connor sent me, okay? I'm here to help.
Lauren: Sorry. I thought...
Derek Reese: I know what you thought. You'd be dead already.

Lauren: You sound so... used to all this.
Derek Reese: You don't get used to it. You live through it.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Today Is the Day: Part 1 (#2.18)" (2009)
Derek Reese: What happened?
Jesse: I told you, I got in a fight.
Derek Reese: With four naval aviators.
Jesse: Really just three. One of them went down pretty quick.

[Derek believes that Cameron has killed Riley]
Jesse: What're you gonna do?
Derek Reese: About the metal?
Jesse: What're you gonna do? 'Cause you can't kill her, Derek.
Derek Reese: What?
Jesse: That's not something you can do. He has to make that decision on his own.
Derek Reese: [after a pause] You've really thought this through.
Jesse: No. - But I think about it. Just like you do.

Derek Reese: Aim for the chip - aim for the chip, they don't get up.

Derek Reese: I think about Riley. What the cyborg did to her.
Jesse: It's a terrible thing. But, um... if John realizes what the metal is, what it really does... maybe some good can come of it. Maybe you can help him see that.
Derek Reese: Good? An innocent kid is dead - because that metal bitch murdered her in cold blood; no good... comes out of that - none, not ever.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Desert Cantos (#2.15)" (2009)
Cameron Phillips: Native-Americans believe that when their pictures are taken, their souls are stolen and locked in the photograph forever.
Derek Reese: I think you're safe.

Derek Reese: You called me 'Reese' again. That's what you used to call him, isn't it? Kyle? Maybe you should try and let him go.
Sarah Connor: Maybe you should.

Cameron Phillips: [about Zoe] She hasn't looked at her father's picture since we've been here - not once. Neither has her mother.
Derek Reese: Yeah, and?
Cameron Phillips: If you had a photo of Kyle Reese, you'd look at it, wouldn't you? - Maybe there's something I don't understand.
John Connor: He's not dead.
Derek Reese: That's a big leap.
John Connor: Lemme repeat what she said: if you had a photo of your brother, would you or would you not look at it?
[Reese turns to observe Zoe and her mother]
Derek Reese: He's not dead.
Cameron Phillips: We should find him before he is.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point (#2.10)" (2008)
Derek Reese: I came here to fight a war. To do whatever it takes to stop Skynet - now, today. If we're gonna do this, there's no more room for secrets. If there is anything that you haven't told me, I need to hear it now.
Jesse: Remember when we were stationed at Serrano Point? That whole time... I was using your toothbrush.
Derek Reese: The one in my mess can?
Jesse: M-hm.
Derek Reese: I wasn't using that to brush my teeth.

Sarah Connor: It all adds up: the dots, the AI, the air force, the chip...
Derek Reese: They're nothing. Listen to yourself. First it's the dots, then the AI, now it's the chip. Whatever you've needed it to be, that's what it is. You got played, it happens. Welcome to the human race.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Automatic for the People (#2.2)" (2008)
Sarah Connor: What do you do with a guard dog you can't trust?
Derek Reese: [looks at Cameron] What, that one?
Derek Reese: [turns back to the crucifix in the church] I've spent the night talking to Him.
Sarah Connor: I think she's outside His jurisdiction.

Sarah Connor: [about an irregularity Greenway has detected at the power plant] His boss is pressuring him to ignore it, says it's nothing major. But if Greenway's right and there is a problem...
Cameron Phillips: The reactor could melt down. Half the state would be contaminated.
Derek Reese: Skynet wins.
Sarah Connor: But if Greenway stops the test and they close down the plant...
Derek Reese: Then the resistance can't use it in the future.
Cameron Phillips: Skynet wins.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Adam Raised a Cain (#2.21)" (2009)
[Sarah and Derek are looking over a graveyard, with gravestones marked '1984']
Derek Reese: My brother buried out there, I thought... that counted for something between us.
Sarah Connor: Well, John counts for more. And you keep too many secrets for my taste.

Derek Reese: Sorry about Charley.
John Connor: Well, everybody dies for me, right?

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Brothers of Nablus (#2.7)" (2008)
Derek Reese: [after finding Moishe, shot in the head] You said you were gonna have a talk with him.
Jesse: I did. It was short.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Born to Run (#2.22)" (2009)
John Connor: Derek!
Derek Reese: Yeah?
John Connor: John. J-John Connor.
Derek Reese: I know a lot of people, kid. Don't know you.
Derek Reese: [to the others soldiers] Anybody heard the name John Connor?
[the soldiers are shaking heads]
Derek Reese: [to John] Well - you know what? I think you're gonna be famous. My brother's back, and you're wearing his coat.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Ourselves Alone (#2.17)" (2009)
Derek Reese: I want you to help me with something.
Jesse: Didn't I just help you with something? This morning in the shower?

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Mousetrap (#2.3)" (2008)
Derek Reese: They never let you have a good day, do they?