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Ted Caselle (Character)
from Mirage (1965)

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Mirage (1965)
Ted Caselle: My secretary is out to lunch, my partner is out in a case. My name is Caselle. Who recommended you, Mr...?
David Stillwell: Stillwell. David Stillwell. I saw the sign.

Ted Caselle: What can I do for you?
David Stillwell: To open it, you can find who I am.
Ted Caselle: Sure, you are David Stillwell. That will be... hmm, ten bucks!

David Stillwell: What about your secretary? Don't you want to leave a note or something?
Ted Caselle: I will tell the truth. I don't have a secretary and there is no partner. As a matter of fact, you are my first case.
David Stillwell: [sarcastically] Terrific.

David Stillwell: Wouldn't it be hilarious if you did know what you were doing?
Ted Caselle: Yeah and how come I don't know what to do next?
David Stillwell: Well, pretend you're James Bond, he always knows.
Ted Caselle: Maybe we ought to get something to eat. I'm dying for a peanut butter sandwich.
Ted Caselle: Forget James Bond.

Ted Caselle: I tell you one thing, I'm beginning to wish I had a gun.
David Stillwell: You're kidding?
Ted Caselle: Aw, filthy things, I can't stand them. You have one and sure as shootin' you end up using it.

Cocktail Waitress: Good evening.
David Stillwell: Hi. Scotch and lemon peel.
Cocktail Waitress: Thank you.
Ted Caselle: I'll have a Dr. Pepper.
David Stillwell: That figures.