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Reggie (Character)
from Carlito's Way: Rise to Power (2005) (V)

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Carlito's Way: Rise to Power (2005) (V)
Reggie: There ain't gonna be no hustlers when the Revolution comes. They all gonna get lined up against the wall with all the other oppressors.

Reggie: Why don't you go fuck your dead mother?
Carlito Brigante: Artie.
[Reggie spits on Artie's face]
Carlito Brigante: Fuck.
Artie Jr.: Motherfucker!

Carlito Brigante: For thirty years, man, we've been at war in Harlem. Blacks, Ricans, and Italians. So, here, me, Rocco and Earl put something together, and you want to mess it all up? That ain't right.
Reggie: What do you think you're doing? Putting up schools and nursing homes? You motherfucker's are heroin dealers.

Reggie: [to Artie Jr] Get in the trunk, you fat fuck!

Reggie: Fuck you, Carlito. You said next time you see me gonna be bad. Well, you shouldn't have come looking then, because you dying first.