Sheila Keefe
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Sheila Keefe (Character)
from "Rescue Me" (2004)

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"Rescue Me: Discovery (#3.2)" (2006)
Sheila: Look! It's a travel mug so you can drink your coffee on your way to work. It's nice right?
Tommy Gavin: Oh yeah, it's gorgeous! You know, they should put a little screen on the side so you can watch gay porn in between sips.
Sheila: It's nice!
Tommy Gavin: It's gay.
Sheila: It's got a no-spill feature. A lot of these mugs, they say they have it and it's total bullshit because THIS has an absolute no-spill feature. I read about it in GQ.
Tommy Gavin: Yeah? Who wrote the article? Brian Boitano?

Sheila Keefe: [singing] Happy Birth...
Tommy's Dad: [interrupting] Shut your hole! I swear you start that happy birthday bullshit, I'll drop my pants right here and piss on this cake and walk right out of here.
Tommy Gavin: OK everybody, on 3.

Sheila Keefe: [singing] Happy Birt...
Tommy's Dad: Shut you hole! I swear if any of you start with that happy birthday bullshit, I'm standing up and taking a piss on this cake and walking the hell out of here.
Tommy Gavin: OK everybody on three.