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Biography for
Ophelia (Character)
from Catwoman (2004)

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Ophelia Powers is a former professor in feline studies. She authored a book on the mythical origins and superstitious powers surrounding cats throughout history. She is regarded as an eccentric woman who is fascinated with cats, and lives in a house with many of them; one of which as a beautiful, rare Egyptian Mau named Midnight.

When Midnight disappears one day, he is returned by a young woman named Patience Phillips. Ophelia regards Patience as if she is a visitor invited to her house by Midnight. Patience is disturbed by the woman's behaviour, but as she is leaving, Ophelia throws her a ball laced with catnip. Patience begins acting strangely herself, rubbing the ball against her own face, exactly like a cat would!

Ophelia offers to help Patience, but she rushes off. When she returns a few days later, Ophelia invites Patience to study her collection of books on cat mythology and superstition. Patience is still confused by what all these things have to do with her. Ophelia answers that Patience died on the day she encountered Midnight, and was reborn with mystical powers. It was Midnight who chose Patience Phillips to bare the gift of the powers of the Catwoman.

Ophelia goes on to reveal that throughout history, there have been special women who were endowed with these powers, using them to live freely, whether it means helping others or stealing valuable objects to possess as their own. The thrill of living freely outside of society and not be bound by laws is known only to these Catwomen.

When Patience finally believes Ophelia, she sets out to put a stop to the people responsible for her death. After finally achieving her revenge and defeating the evil criminals, Patience sets off to live her life of freedom. She gives Ophelia a gift of thanks - a painting of a woman jumping in a figure 8.

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