Mrs. Fox
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Mrs. Fox (Character)
from Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

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Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)
Mrs. Fox: [Mr. Fox and Kylie are sneaking through the Fox family's kitchen, Kylie is wearing a bandit mask; Mrs. Fox sees them from a doorway] Another book party?
Mr. Fox: [surprised] Oh! I didn't see you sitting in the dark over there.
[grins sheepishly]
Mr. Fox: Yeah! No actually, there's a fire. I just got the call; they said maybe it's arson. I've got to interview the marshal and see if it's...
Mrs. Fox: Kylie,
[turns on the light]
Mrs. Fox: is he telling the truth?
Kylie: [turns to Mr. Fox] I... I don't want to be put into the middle of this!
Mr. Fox: Thanks, Kylie.
Mrs. Fox: [notices something off to her right] Why is he wearing that bandit hat?
[points to Kris, who is halfway out the door leading to the kitchen from the starwell leading upstairs; Kris pulls his bandit hat up to unobscure his face]
Mr. Fox: His ears were cold. He's not with us.
[to Kris]
Mr. Fox: Go back to bed.
[Kris leaves and closes the door]
Mrs. Fox: If what I think is happening is happening - it better not be.

[from trailer]
Mrs. Fox: You know, you really are... fantastic.
Mr. Fox: I try.

Mrs. Fox: Excuse me? Am I being flirted with by a psychotic rat?

Mrs. Fox: This story's too predictable.
Mr. Fox: Predictable? Really? Then, how does it end?
Mrs. Fox: In the end, we all die. Unless you change.

Mrs. Fox: [to Mr. Fox] I love you, but I should have never married you.

Mrs. Fox: Why did you lie to me?
Mr. Fox: Because I'm a wild animal.

Mrs. Fox: If what I think is happening, IS happening... It better not be.

Mrs. Fox: [Kristofferson has just departed after Ash's comment] You have got twenty-nine minutes to come up with a proper apology.
Ash: [snaps, gestures wildly] Me? *Me* have an apology? He gets a bandit hat? He just got here, and he gets a bandit hat? Where's *my* bandit hat? Why didn't *I* get shot at? It's because, you... you... you think I'm no good at anything! Well, maybe you're right, thanks.
[stomps away angrily and slams door upon exit]
Kylie: [sighs, to Mr. Fox] Told ya not to bring him.

Mrs. Fox: [to Ash] We're all different.
[indicates Mr. Fox]
Mrs. Fox: Especially him. But there's something kind of fantastic about that, isn't there?

[first lines]
Mr. Fox: What'd the doctor say?
Mrs. Fox: Nothing. Supposedly it's just a 24-hour bug. He gave me some pills.
Mr. Fox: I told you, you probably just ate some bad gristle.

Mrs. Fox: If we're still alive in the morning I want you to find another line of work.
Mr. Fox: Okay.
Title Card: Two years later - 12 fox-years.