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Quotes for
The Mayor (Character)
from Tom Goes to the Mayor (2002)

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"Tom Goes to the Mayor: Puddins (#2.16)" (2006)
The Mayor: [immediately after Tom enters] Uh, security, there's a baboon in my office.

The Mayor: In the name of Zeus, amen.

"Tom Goes to the Mayor: Gibbons (#1.10)" (2005)
[repeated line]
The Mayor: Mayor's office!

"Tom Goes to the Mayor: Vehicular Manslaughter (#1.7)" (2005)
The Mayor, Dr. Ian Black: Ricka ticka tick tock tick tock tock! Ring! Ringa ding ding ringa ding ding! Ricka dick rick ricka dick rick! Ringa dinga ding ding dong! Rim rim rim rim rim!
The Mayor: Michael! How long has it been old friend?
Dr. Ian Black: Too long, you sassy devil.
The Mayor: You crabapple!
Dr. Ian Black: You delicious horseshoe crab!
The Mayor: Ohhh I'd grab you with my claws if I had any!
Dr. Ian Black: I'd pinch you so hard!
[spots Tom]
Dr. Ian Black: Who's this guy?
The Mayor: Oh shoot that's torn, tash, tenis, tens, tango, cash, taaaaaay...
Dr. Ian Black: He looks like a Steven to me!
[Mayor and Black laugh]
The Mayor: [laughs] Steven.
Dr. Ian Black: Steven.
The Mayor: Hello Steven.
Dr. Ian Black: Hello Steven!
Tom Peters: It's actually Tom Peters. It's good to meet you.
The Mayor: So, Michael. They tell me you're a doctor of energy now?
Dr. Ian Black: Yeah, it's a great gig. You are not gonna believe the company car they just gave me.
The Mayor: Not a LeBaron?
Dr. Ian Black: A LeBaron!
The Mayor, Dr. Ian Black: Rick a dick a tick tock tick tock tock! Riiiing ring a ding ding ring a ding ding!
The Mayor, Dr. Ian Black: Ring a ding ding ring a ding ding! Ring!
The Mayor, Dr. Ian Black: Rick a dick rick rick a dick rick! Ring a ding a ding ding dong!