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The Rector (Character)
from "To the Manor Born" (1979)

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"To the Manor Born: Grantleigh (#1.1)" (1979)
The Rector: Well, there we are Mrs fforbes-Hamilton. He walked in the way of the Lord and served him right.
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: Yes, it certainly did. Well, thank you Rector, it was a lovely funeral. We must have one again sometime.

[first lines]
Richard DeVere: Excuse me, Vicar, is this the Grantleigh estate?
The Rector: It is indeed.
Richard DeVere: Oh, good. I'm looking for the Old Lodge.

The Rector: Good luck, Mrs. Fforbes-Hamilton.
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: Thank you, Rector. What are you doing here?
The Rector: I'm simply doing the Lord's bidding.
Audrey fforbes-Hamilton: Oh, I didn't know he was interested. Well, that would be something. At least He's English.

"To the Manor Born: Going to Church (#1.3)" (1979)
[first lines]
The Rector: How nice to see you.

"To the Manor Born: The New Farm Manager (#2.1)" (1980)
The Rector: For what we are about to receive may the Lord make us truly thankful.
[Marjory stifles a laugh]
Audrey: Marjory?
Marjory: Sorry! Um, got a bone in my throat.
Audrey: Do watch out for bones everybody. You can't be too careful with avocados.

"To the Manor Born: Christmas Special: The First Noel (#1.8)" (1979)
[first lines]
The Rector: First, the Parish notices about our Christmas actvities. This week as you know we had the Christmas collection for old people of the Parish, which raised the sum of four hundred pounds. A record amount, due largely to a substantial contribution donated by our Lord of the Manor, Mr. DeVere. Our thanks are due to him.