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Quotes for
Andrea Smithson (Character)
from "Dirty Sexy Money" (2007)

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"Dirty Sexy Money: The Silence (#2.4)" (2008)
Andrea: Just for the record, you're brother is not exactly a fair arbitrator.
Nick: I'm not partial to Brian.
Brian: Yeah, well, back at you, boss.

[Brian and Andrea give to a policeman the description of Brian Jr., who's missing]
Brian: Um, he's about 4 foot tall, he has a face like a smurf.
Andrea: Here's a recent picture, and he's 4 foot 2, exactly.
Brian: And, uh, she's the one who lost him.

Brian: Nice work. You've created a situation where our son has had to hire a lawyer.
Andrea: Oh, *I* created?
Brian: What did I just say?
Andrea: You are the one who kidnapped him.
Brian: Say kidnapped again...
Andrea: Kidnapped!
Brian: [yelling] Why do you deliberately provoke me? I just said don't say kidnapped again, and you say it!

Andrea: You kidnapped our son!
Brian: Andrea, our son stowed away on my jet. I had nothing to do with it!
Andrea: You planted the idea in his head!
Brian: The pygmy has a mind of his own, and, let's face it, unlike you is smart enough to realize he'd be better off here, with me!
Brian, Jr.: I want to be with both of you. That's why I stowed away and that's why I called Nick.

"Dirty Sexy Money: The Country House (#1.8)" (2007)
Andrea Smithson: Brian, that first day that I met you at church, you sat and talked with me for hours about faith and solace.
Rev. Brian Darling: Yeah, so what about it.
Andrea Smithson: So *you* are the one who taught me to bring my problems in life to God. Have you thought about doing that?

Brian Darling: [to Andrea] I'll give you one million dollars to get up and walk out of here right now.
Mr. Mitchell: Excuse me?
Nick George: Hey, that's not what we're here to do, Brian. Let me finish.
Brian Darling: Two million.
Andrea Smithson: Are you trying to *buy* my son?
Brian Darling: I'm trying to buy *our* son.
Nick George: Nobody is buying anybody.
Mr. Mitchell: This is ridiculous. We're leaving.
Brian Darling: Three million! We both know it's all about the money with you anyway.
Andrea Smithson: Now I remember why it didn't work with us. You are not a human being.

"Dirty Sexy Money: The Wedding (#1.7)" (2007)
Brian: Why'd you even come back here?
Andrea: To see my son! And you... maybe... a little...
Brian: [as he goes in to kiss her] Oh crap.

"Dirty Sexy Money: The Injured Party (#2.6)" (2008)
Andrea: I changed my mind, Brian. I'm gonna do the trial.
Brian: Since when?
Andrea: Since tonight. After that dinner, I realized there is *no way* I can leave my son alone with you and your family.
[she kisses him]
Andrea: I actually *have* to live.