Captain James Biggs
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Captain James Biggs (Character)
from Street Kings (2008)

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Street Kings (2008)
Captain James Biggs: Doesn't it bother you that there are two cop killers out there?

Tom Ludlow: [to approaching nurse] I'm waiting for nurse Garcia.
Captain James Biggs: I did the same thing with this girl once. She was a waitress at a jazz bar. I'd sit in her section, wouldn't let anybody else serve me. She's change sections, I'd change tables. Persistance...
[holds up wedding ring]
Captain James Biggs: ...that's the key.

Captain James Biggs: Insurance, Tom. I sell insurance. If you ever need any, and you will, why don't you give me a call. No one has to know but us. Not Clady, not Wander, no one.
[hands Ludlow his business card]
Captain James Biggs: Listen, for your own good, don't get yourself so far out there that I can't reel you back. See you sometime.

Captain James Biggs: [to Ludlow] Phone Book Tom, the last of the ghetto gunfighters. Heard you got your best confession from a '91 directory.

Captain James Biggs: It doesn't bother you that there are two cop killers out there, living, laughing, fucking? It doesn't bother you, Tom?
Tom Ludlow: Yes, it bothers me!
Captain James Biggs: So why'd you let them get away, gunfighter?
Tom Ludlow: Hey, let's get something straight Captain, nobody's getting away.
Captain James Biggs: What happened to the video from the store?
Tom Ludlow: What video?
Captain James Biggs: Listen to me, every time you shit the bed, Wander's there to change the sheets. Well not anymore, son. I'll be pouring gas on you, be pouring gas on Wander, everyone in Vice Special. Then I'm lighting the match and I'm gonna burn all of you. I tried to save you, Detective Ludlow. Your window's closed. And that third shooter? He's mine, so help me god.

Captain Jack Wander: You like Tom, don't you? I saw the way you watched him when he came in. That's why you follow him around. You want him to give you a blowjob, like that hooker that I caught you with when we were sergeants, remember?
Captain James Biggs: Shut up, Jack!
Captain Jack Wander: Does your wife know that you use prostitutes, Jimmy?
Captain James Biggs: It was the best head I ever had. And what about you, Jack? You always found it hard to keep your prick out of the ghetto. It's a two-way street, buddy. You can't ride the tiger forever. You get the hell out of my office.
Captain Jack Wander: Do the department a favor and wash your mouth out with buckshot.

Captain James Biggs: Back on the night watch, Tom? You two can be seen all over town. Tom, you really think I was going to nothing about you?
Tom Ludlow: If you're going to do something, do it now. I know you want my scalp nailed to your wall, but then who's going to go in where the law won't? You Captain? You? You gonna clean up the needles and baby parts? No. You need me, and my company of men. You hate me, but you need me.
Captain James Biggs: Ludlow, maybe you're right. Maybe we do need you. But goddamn if you don't need me, son.
[Ludlow starts to walk away]
Captain James Biggs: Hey, Detective. Did you ever ask yourself if Washington's dead because he was dirty, or because he came clean?

[last lines]
Captain James Biggs: I came as soon as you called.
Tom Ludlow: I guess you were first on scene.
Captain James Biggs: No, you were. Looks like Jack's friends got greedy, came after the money.
Tom Ludlow: Is that what it looks like?
Captain James Biggs: Mmhmmm.
Tom Ludlow: This your plan, captain? Just sit back and let us all kill each other?
Captain James Biggs: You were the plan. No one else could touch him. Once your eyes were opened, there was no other outcome. Decisions were made, Tom, by powerful men with powerful secrets. They were afraid of Jack. They asked me to help. One day, you will pass the chief in the hall and he will give you a nod. And you will know why. Because you were right, Tom. We do need you.